Alright.  Lots of things in my brain...

Start here:

I saw this “z gallerie” and thought it would look good in our house.

This is the wall you see when you walk in the door… it’s kind of weird.

I know you're jealous of my Hollister image. Also, that little one door cabinet and side table are no longer there.

Now… the dilemma.  What color should I paint the baseboarding (it’s green in the sample picture)?

Here’s why there’s a dilemma…

This is what my dream living room looks like:

{a side dilemma: blue vs gray couch; the black couch in the bottom right could be replaced by two blue chairs}

But did you notice the wall color in the photo of our wall?  Yep.  Beige/tan/light brown.  Which is fine, it just doesn’t go at all with my “color scheme”…

the "color inspiration" for our living room

nor my personal vision for our living room….

Inspiration photos

Of course, my personal style is difficult to determine… I LOVE contrasts (hence the black and white and blue and red); my favorite styles are polar opposites: minimalism and eclectic.

modern minimalism vs eclectic (and maybe a little vintage)

So… what color do I paint the baseboarding so that it coincides with my living room vision (since everything else is trying to make it work in the beige walled room) but also doesn’t clash with the wall?

I thought… black, but there’s that wood door frame (which I think is awesome, by the way).  Red seems to bright, white seems too… white (or does that work), blue seems awkward… I feel like gray would clash with the tan… I don’t want to go brown (since NOTHING else I own is brown, except in our bedroom)… I guess maybe ivory/”warm white” would work, but is that boring?

Hence, the request for help.