I hate that I do this every summer.  August comes and I start thinking about “fall” (even though I spend January – April thinking about summer).

I’m loving two looks for fall (aka also now because the both work for the present – minus the boots) that are pretty contrasted.

1: Urban Ballerina

urban ballerina

urban ballerina by horito featuring Big Buddha bags

The look itself is a contrast of soft, flowy, feminine, blush, pale colors combined with dark, hard, edgy, denim, leather,  and boots.  I love the boots Cameron Diaz wore in her InStyle July 2010 shoot (or was it June? my mind is playing mix-up) – pictured top right and bottom left.  However, since I live in the tundra of Utah, I think I would probably go for the multi-functional Uggs instead (sigh, to live in warmer weather).

Ready for a huge shocker? Here’s my other “fall” look inspiration…

2: Technicolor


technicolor by horito featuring Zac Posen dresses

Inspired by Color Me Katie, Kate Spade, and Pushing Daisies (thank you Netflix for making the seasons available instantly), basically this theory is pretty simple: color, and lots of it. Throw in some of my super pigmented tights, buy myself a red winter coat (I’m determined that this purchase will make me hate winter less), and just go crazy with color, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be smiling all season long.  Also, find a way to afford that Kate Spade bag… Piperlime, maybe you could help me out (and carry it… possibly at a deeply discounted price… that goes for you too endless.com) so I can “purchase” it for free?

Do you like one better than the other? Are you surprised by my consistently random nature?