Oh hooray!!

So… InStyle magazine has this online boutique that you can use to fake shop and find things that you like (then real shop if you’re so inclined).  The more you “shop”, the more points you get, and then they draw a winner everyday to win a prize.

And yesterday, I got a winner email!!

Yes my friends, I will be the recipient of: “One (1) $200 7 For All Mankind denim gift card, One (1) Marc by Marc Jacobs scarf compliments of Saks Fifth Avenue, One (1) Marc by Marc Jacobs cosmetic case compliments of Saks Fifth Avenue, One (1) Longchamp notebook and  One (1) Reebok legwarmers The Approximate Retail Value (ARV) is: $366.00.”

The upside: I just got $366.00 worth of free stuffs!!

The downside (is there a downside to this or am I being a brat?): I had too many points to get the shoes I’ve been dying for!

Yes my friends, I’ve been dying for the Sam Edelman Effie Wedge (in black) and the Sam Edelman shoes were in the silver prize package as opposed to the gold.  However, I might not have won the shoes anyways because my prize isn’t really the gold prize listed on that date, so I’m just going to worship my MARC BY MARC JACOBS SCARF (will it be one of these?) and cosmetic case.  And Longchamp notebook.  And legwarmers (?!).  And if anyone would like to trade a large sum of money for some 7 for mankind jeans, I’m down, but if not, they’ll be the most expensive clothing item that I own (my pants size changes WAY to much for me to “invest” in some nice pants).

So… basically, the 2 hours I spent shopping online and watching those videos paid off at the rate of… $183/hr.  Do it.

**Don’t get me wrong, I’m super nervous that it’s some sort of a scam, so within 45 days, I’ll let you know if I receive a prize or not and if I do, we can have a second celebration then.  If I don’t… well, I’m going to try to forget about the whole prize package so that if I don’t, I’m not missing anything.***

{PS happy birthday momma}