{On Fridays, a particularly entertaining friend of mine dives into the archives of her old blog to share her wit of the past.  Back when I was in high school/a freshman in college, I kept a little “blog” (oh the forefront of blogging) at xanga.  I too will be sharing my past.}

April 2, 2004

the following message is sponsored by whitney the filibuster horito.  the views represented are not those of the breanna horito foundation, nor her counterpart, “b4by_azn.”

hello and welcome to the i rock you sock show where I rock, and you “sock.” (don’t get it?  say it out loud a few times…)  first item of the day: the national spelling bee.  i know they teach this stuff in school, and i understand that sometimes it’s an inconveinience to spell out the WHOLE word… so, make it a correctly punctuated day, or not, the choice is yours.

item numero dos: here on the i rock you sock show, sometimes we like to highlight someone else who is worthy of what we like to call “rockdom.”  first and foremost on the list?  spitalfield.  they’re happy, yet still have meaning.  please visit www.spitalfield.net for more important information regarding this topic.  ps- so you like hip hop and not punk?  it’s ok.  it’s not taboo to like more than one kind of music.  so what?  who’s to say if you’re a poser or not (i like country, and punk, and alternative, a little bit of “fUnKaY,” as well as the classic oldies… so sue me)?  expand your horizons and you too may partake of the sunset.

final item of the day: “you’re only cool if you pee your pants”

signing off… this was whitney the filibuster horito.  i rock you sock.  it’s ok, we all have to start somewhere.