sunday, april 4, 2004 (oh yes. 04-04-04)

the following message is written and edited by whitney the filibuster horito.  the views expressed here are not necessarily those of tia horito nor her twin, brea.

welcome to the second episode of the i rock you sock show where i rock and you sock!  (© 2004 by whitney the filibuster horito and associates)  today’s episode?  foreign languages.  now, if you have ever seen the goonies, you probably noticed the very large and strange looking character named sloth.  well, can you speak sloth?  me and bre can!!  just clearly disannunciate your words and attempt to speak through your nose.  it comes out something like this: baeey, haiiiiiiii nooooooee yyouuuuuu waaaaaein mmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaa oon yuooo zzzzzzzzxan agaaaaaaaiie.  translation: brea, i know you want me on your xanga website again.  don’t get it?  well, “sock”s to be you.  it’s a refined art.

item number two: here on the i rock you sock show we like to commemorate those who are worthy of entrance into the rockdom hall of fame.  last time we touched on spitalfield (who will forever be gilded as the emporers of rockdom.  been living in a cave and don’t know who they are?  well, “b4by_azn”‘s “syte” covers it.  and so does  this time we are going to honor harry potter.  now, if you don’t know about harry potter, please take this opportunity to take your fist and ram it into your head then click on this link:  now, what can be greater than the boy who lived?  i have no idea.  therefore, we’d like to welcome harry potter to whitney’s wall of rockdom.

lastly: we are off to “a place they say glistens gold.  i want to go there and never come back home.” yes that’s right.  my birthplace.  california.  i know i know.  you want to come too.  but sometimes you aren’t born in the coolest place on earth.  well, you sock!!

thank you for watching the i rock you sock show where i rock and you sock (don’t get it, say it out loud a few times).  that’s all for now folks, but be sure to tune in next time.  where?  it’s a surprise…

to be continued…

*What is this?! Oh, on Fridays/Saturdays I post from my past… you know, my little xanga past of 5+ years ago!