Today Brad and I went to Nordstrom so I could try on those sexy Frye boots (which sadly, I didn’t LOVE, I only liked… and $300 – or even $100 – is a lot of money for only like, right?) and the following scenario took place:

Brad stands near a round table display of over the knee boots.  He is looking at a particularly daring pair that lace from the ankle all the way to the top, like a corset.  He proceeds to try to pick them up and show them to me.

Brad: Are these the…. OH NO…

We assume he meant to say, “Are these the type of boots you want?”

However, while attempting to show me the boots, he swings the heels into the next pair of boots, thus creating a domino effect and toppling over half the boots around the table.

I laugh at him, then help him put the boots back.  All of them.

We walk around the table.

Brad: These things aren’t very sturdy.  You can just knock them over really easy.

Brad proceeds to knock over a pair of boots to prove his point. They bump into the pair next to them.  Luckily, he catches this before we have situation #2.

Brad: I’m just going to keep my arms folded while we’re in here.

Good idea Brad.  Good idea.