Remember when I got an email that I won a prize?!


I was so excited that it came that I could hardly wait to see what was inside.  However, I really wanted to document the experience so I could relive it later, so I searched for the camera before I unwrapped the package’s insides.

Longchamp notebook, 7 for All Mankind $200 gift card, Reebok legwarmers (which I’m actually pretty excited about), Marc by Marc Jacobs make-up case and scarf… I was filled with curiosity as I wondered what the Marc by Marc Jacobs items would look like…

LEOPARD?! Best day of my life! I am totally having a leopard moment (haha… Rachel Zoe has influenced my speech) right now.

Brad was a little upset that I ungifted the gift card (I told him he could use it, but then I decided that I wanted it), but I GOT COOL STUFF!!! Hooray!