the following message is not associated with the views of brea horito aka b4By_AzN.  however, it IS supported by whitney the filibuster horito, our pet hermit crab, and many rocks from around the world.

we’re back with another episode of the i rock you sock show, where i rock and you sock.  this is your host, whitney the filibuster horito.  apologies for the delays of additional episodes, which leads to my first sockery of the day.

sockdom: no internet.  yes, i am speaking from experience.  for the past month, we have existed as mere abodigitals with no connections to the outside world because of a modem issue.  sprint kindly fixed the problem by sending us a brand spanking new one, yet the suckery of not having internet in the rest of the house keeps them from rockdom.

BUT – i do have an entry into the hall of rock (if this has already been entered, i apologize but i must be sure that an entry is made).  welcome hellogoodbye to official rockery.  they have been described as “all about having fun” and a “happy-go-lucky outlook.”  Although they cannot “sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves, they could probably bring a smile to her face” (gosh.  i sell those to women in white gloves all the time!)

Additional entries into the hall of rockdom: napoleon dynamite.  yes sir, it’s true./napoleon dynamite has hit theatres near you. South Carolina – met them at the national association of student councils national conference… they rocked.  so, for the sake of clarity, i will add them too.  lastly, blowpens.  please buy them asap.  they make for awesome tummy tattoos and hours of enjoyable entertainment.  i swear that’s not from experience…

i realize there are many additions to the hall of rockdom, but hey – during a month of summer, you can find a lot of cool things!  until next time, this is whitney the filibuster horito signing off.  always remember that i rock, and you sock!  haha!