I am currently having a dilemma.

For my birthday, I received some Anthropologie gift cards.  Unfortunately, the July selection was not really getting me excited so I had to forego using my birthday discount in order to wait for something I really LOVED.

Like the Refined Cord Shirtdress.  I fell in love.

But, I wanted to make SURE that I LOVED it as much as I thought.  And then when I finally decided to buy it instead of the Kindred Spirit Sweaterdress – which is ALSO amazing, it was out of stock until November 6 (which it still is).  I checked the local Anthro to see if they magically had it still (but let’s be honest, a sleeved dress in Utah lasting longer than five days? please), but alas, they didn’t have it either.

So, when I looked at it online today, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it comes in red.

Now my friends, red is my color. I LOVE nearly anything that comes in red.  So naturally, it seems fit that I would choose the red version, right? That’s what I thought initially, but once the excitement wore down, I began to question myself.

Will I like the versatility of the navy better? But the red can be worn with both my cognac AND black boots. But the navy will add another color to my wardrobe.  But why fix something that isn’t broke (i.e. the lack of navy in my wardrobe is working fine for me).

I do love the way they have styled the navy dress.

Would that work with red? Could I still layer a henley underneath?  Will it be too bright (and is that even possible for me)?

One thing’s for sure: it probably won’t be on sale anytime soon….

Your thoughts and opinions are appreciated but are not always considered (jk – I seriously need some help).