Ahh!! Tonight is the night!

I’m very curious to see who wins.

Will it be Andy with his Hawaiian upbringing and chill meets glamorous style?

Or is it Gretchen and her granola chic looks?

Or, will Mondo be the winner with his funky, eclectic style?

(This look is to die for. If the shorts were a skirt, I would totally wear this look as is, bow and all)

Gretchen was the obvious front runner at the beginning of the season, and the judges had an odd love affair with her.  I must say that my first impression of her collection was bleh, but after looking at it a second time, I’m liking the details (like these shoes? AWESOME, and the hats? love) more and more.  If I ever had a lots of moneys to spend, I would definitely have her make me some outfits for Coachella.

Next on the love list (along with Michael C) was Mondo.  The judges fell in love with Mondo, and they fell hard. However, I remember that my first impression of his collection was kind of bleh as well.  I REALLY wanted to love his collection because I loved what he was doing (especially his little mustache, THE CHEVRON DRESS, the Mary Tyler Moore inspired look, the “Jackie” look), but it seemed to fall flat.  On a second examination, I’m liking it a LOT more.  I love that he has fun with clothes, I love his weirdy headpieces, and I love the colors and chic designs!  I really like what he does, but I’m nervous that the producers played up the HIV status too much, so Mondo not winning feels like a crime, yet Mondo winning feels like it wasn’t entirely based on the designs.  Either way, he’s freaking awesome and talented.

When I saw Andy’s show online back when there were still six contestants, I must say that I was rather impressed. I love the green and his specific aesthetic.  The fabrics are awesome and I personally think that the headpieces help make his collection a show.  At that moment, I vowed to take more notice of Andy’s designs on the show and I’m glad I did.  A lot of his looks were overlooked even though they were awesome.  A few times, I feel Andy may have deserved the win.  He definitely has a vision and an artistic factor that I love.

Who do you think will win!?

My money is on Mondo… the love affair thing will take him a long way and his collection is pretty solid.

As a side note: I LOVE LOVE LOVED Valerie on the show and her earlier looks, but her show wasn’t my favorite (color story + inspiration + matching wigs= awesome, but the designs weren’t really my style).  I also loved April’s collection (which forced me to give her credit because up until that time, I was just waiting for her to go home).  The dip dyed movement, the weird headbands (I just like headpieces in shows), the nice flow, and the surprisingly non-dark colors (but still a dark vibe)… love it.  And her inspiration of a shipwrecked tea party? Love.  Unfortunately she didn’t make it to the finale, but her work was definitely something to take note of.