Remember how OBSESSED I was/am with DSquared’s Fall 2009 collection (view collection here)? I literally printed out pictures from that show and hung them next to my closet.

Holy styling. I still want to be that girl. I’ve continually dissected those looks to see what makes them all so… chic. Is it because of: a: the layers, b: the clothes themselves, or c: the amazing bags with magazines (which is TERRIBLY heavy – I carry one to work and I swear it adds ten pounds to my bag)? I honestly overlooked the sunglasses in the first observation.

But then, while watching the Rachel Zoe Project (back when we still had our “free Bravo trial” which ended too abruptly for us to figure out how to get it back, and then the next thing I knew, the season had ended), I noticed that Rachel Zoe always had that same look to her.  Besides the fact that she’s an amazingly dressed person.  Even in her car scenes, you could only see her head, and she’d be wearing these fabulous sunglasses, and she looked like a star.

Add that to my love of the whole “oh the paparazzi just caught me” look, and I began to realize a trend.

In all of these images, the subject was wearing sunglasses.

Of course, I do enjoy wearing a pair or two, but it took me quite awhile to realize the frames that fit my face (the upper edge usually needs to angle up and out from the bridge of my nose – none of that rounded stuff) which probably contributed to my lack of sunglasses. I also have a tendency to bash things up pretty bad (that’s why I a: don’t have the iPhone, b: never want one, and c: always ask my cell phone carrier which phone will last the best if I drop/throw/mistreat my phone quite frequently).  Expensive sunglasses + my inability to have nice things (or so Brad calls it) = illogical to buy nice sunglasses.

But my cousin always has a REALLY nice pair (I’m talking Prada, Versace, cost-more-than-three-pairs-of-my-most-expensive-shoes-combined), and (as silly as this sounds) I love the look of the bulky case in her purse.  Instant cool points.

Combine this with the discount (have I made any money working my retail job yet? a little), and it seemed like a perfect match.

Done. Deal. And I am so hot.

{Remember, as part of this sunglasses week, to vote for me. You already did? Time to start making multiple email addresses! haha.}