hurry quick!  this next exciting tidbit of information is currently under examination by the i rock you sock foundation’s hall of rockdom for induction.  if successful, the glory shall be its.  click here to get a FREE iPod!*  Pretty awesome huh?  It’s way easy.  I dare you.

*must be 18 or older (get your parents to help out) and must sign up for an offer (eBay is the easiest) and get five others to do the same thing!!

sockdom (this is official by a unanimous vote by the i rock you sock board of directors): the man who cut me off this morning!  No blinker, OBVIOUSLY didn’t check his blind spot because he almost hit me… then at the next light he rolled down his window and tried yelling at me.  i wanted to roll down my window, explain to him what a moronic imbecile he was, then pull out a super soaker triple agressor and shoot the pee out of him.  but instead, i kindly kept my windows rolled up and let him yell to the glasslike substance.  plus my gun wasn’t handy…

Currently Playing: Interventions & Lullabies

– the first single, give it up, tune out, on your porch


From current self: How silly was it that I really thought that free iPod thing would work?! I never did receive a free iPod… Hence the lack of induction into the “rock hall”.  However, that super soaker idea? Still golden.