At the beginning of my employment with Macy’s, a great shoe sale took place. I decided to take advantage of said sale and find a lovely pair of flat cognac boots. (why flat? because I was on a flat boots kick. my next pair has a heel.)  Of course, cognac is a tricky color online because you can’t quite tell what it will look like in real life.  So, I ordered three and returned two.  Actually, I ordered three and returned all three and ordered a fourth… Here’s the running…

Marc Fisher boots

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this boot in black (I seriously celebrate every time a customer tries them on) so I figured they’d be a winner in cognac.  Except they’re REALLY dark.  I mean, they don’t even look as dark as they are in the picture (perhaps that’s the issue).  But they were REALLY cute. But too dark. Back they went.

Anne Klein boots

I also loved this boot in black.  But the brown was more of a cross between cognac and dark brown… like their illegitimate child or something.  If I could lighten it, I would have, but the color was just off for me. Those ones went back as well.

Etienne Aigner two-tone boots

These boots came a little bit later. I would have ordered them in cognac to begin with, but they were out of stock for 30 days so I just ordered the two tone to see what color the cognac would be.  I knew that the emblem in the side would either be amazing or totally tacky.

I actually fell IN LOVE with the two-tone, and the cognac color was spot on, and the little emblem was SO CUTE, and they fit perfectly when I tried them on. I knew they were THE boots. I debated whether or not to just keep the two-tone, but my practical side won out (since I was searching for cognac boots, not two-tone boots) so I returned these ones as well.

(I am, however, awaiting their journey to sale so that I can afford to own them as well… after the OTK boots of course.)

THE Etienne Aigner boots

Finally, I ordered the cognac pair. I have to stretch out the toe area little, but I’ve learned quite a few shoe stretching tricks so I’m not too concerned.

Apparently I LOVE riding boots, since I now own two pairs, and I don’t have lots and lots of boots to begin with.