august 13, 2004

welcome to the newest and most excitingest information made available by none other than the filibuster herself.  and now, for an exciting announcement.

first: this song is awesome.  i know you all love BARITONE MAN singing with spitalfield.  it cracks me up!  hahahaha!

secondly: please roll out the red carpet for the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice.  in addition, we’d like to give an honorary honorable mention recognition award to the wonderful jane austen for writing the great story (it keeps moving… something even modern authors have trouble with).  she will be receiving an imaginary trophy that measures five and a half feet in height and an amazing two feet in diameter.  i like it.  you should too.  so next time you have five hours to kill… i highly recommend it.  i dare you!

i would also like to congratulate jeffrey fulvimari for his awesome pictures.  he is definately receiving an mvp award in painting.  or drawing.  but painting starts with a p.

sockdom:  nothing really has socked lately.  everything seems to be peachy-keen thanks to the air conditioning getting fixed.  thank you and have a great day.

and remember.  i rock and you sock.  sorry.  maybe next time.

Currently Playing: Phantom Planet/ The Guest Combo Pack

– yes. good old phantom planet.