Dear Santa,

on the balcony at grandpa's farm in idaho

I know it’s a little bit early to start writing Christmas letters, but it feels right in my heart so I’m doing it. Last year, I had some pretty specific wants (which, by the way, thanks for the scarf and for the red dress going on sale after Christmas), and although I have some certain items in mind for this year (a couple of dresses, a new digital camera, pretty clothes and accessories, a tv for Brad, and lots and lots of shoes), I think what I really need is some direction.

You know, where to go next, what to do after that, which passions to follow. Should I go to grad school for medical anthropology and possibly be a pilates instructor? Or should I study for the MCAT so I can apply to D.O. school? Or what about the fashion design programs that are popping up all over? And graphic design? I haven’t forgotten about that one either. My brain is divided into a million pieces, and I’m curious where they all will land.

Maybe what I’m asking for is a fortune teller, but seriously, I could use your help.