Is anyone else suffering from the lack of Project Runway on Thursday nights?!  I find myself lost when 10:30 rolls around, and I don’t have it on DVR to watch (good news: Harry Potter comes out tonight!).  In my delirious, withdrawal-ridden state, I find myself mindlessly scouring the internet for news on the designers (and past designers), discussions about the outcome (did you think Gretchen deserved the win?), and chatter about a new season.

Perhaps it’s the fumes, or the lack of PR in my life, but I am eating up everything Project Runway.

I’m also dying to make some splatter tights like April showed in her Spring 2011 show.

I really enjoyed her collection.  I thought it was cool, and her inspiration was eerily chic (shipwrecked dolls at a tea party?). (As a side note: I loved that Gretchen called her collection “Running through Thunder”… Such a wonderful string of words.)  She added non-black colors (which the judges crucified her for during the season) yet still remained true to her aesthetic.

And the tights? Well, I’m dying to put them in my spring wardrobe.  Any dyeing suggestions?