saturday, september 4, 2004

this is the filibuster signing in with a few additions/subtractions to the hallways.  of course, i will have to begin with an apology for the lack of communication from my wonderful self to you all.  but, you will all get over it…

rockdom: the rufio concert. it was effin awesome.  the bands that opened were pretty tight too.  over it, halifax, and honorary title.  it was rockin awesome.  in correlation, sockdom: cheeks telling me to wear flipflops.  it did make the fun a little bit dampered, but when above me played, all hinderances were put aside for the excitement.

apologies for not adding this to the rockdom sooner, but taco bell mild sauce.  order something and ask for a bajillion packets of mild sauce, take them home, and eat them with chips.

and finally, the limbeck concert was thursday and that frickin rocked too.  and so did melee.  they were awesome.  i bought the new cd, hey everything’s fine; it’s just like a big recording party.  pretty awesome.

college has not been determined to rock or sock yet, but as of right now, guys are definately on a fluxuating sock list.  man, vegas rocks compared to this village.

until next time, don’t eat peanut butter with cheese…

Currently Playing: I Am the Movie

– motion city soundtrack



Note from current self: “effin”?! Who says that?! Gross. And apparently everything was either “awesome” or “rockin’ awesome”.  I sound like a cross between Avril Lavigne and a freaking valley girl. How embarassing.  However, Taco Bell Mild Sauce = eternally amazing.