I absolutely loved the tent/camping/glamping in Harry Potter combined with Hermione’s clothing choices… of course.  I was worried that this whole nomad thing would get really old really fast, but instead, I loved every minute of it.  I owe this entirely to the styling/set.

I stole this image from Penny Lyra

I seriously am dying for the tent too… in addition to the bag. 😉

Of course, I don’t know if these are the same boots as in the winter scenes, but they are REALLY cute… And really similar to these Frye boots:

Which then reminded me of these Coach boots I saw the other day (a girl came into work wearing them and I instantly began coveting them):

Oh my gosh. They are seriously so pretty.  They made me regret buying the cognac boots that I already had bought… especially since I could get these ones for almost the same price… seriously. I’m having buyer’s remorse (and I seriously loved those other ones… the evils of coveting).

However, it made me ponder the idea that maybe I should just buy a Coach purse.  I had thought about getting a Marc by Marc Jacobs one earlier this year, but instead, maybe I’ll make it my goal to own this Coach bag:

Isn’t it pretty? I seriously think I’m in love. It’s a hobo style bag, which I’ve been searching and searching for, and it’s also a convertible cross-body, which I’ve also been looking for.  Not to mention the silver (instead of gold) detailing… I think it might be calling my name?

One of my goals this year is to buy less items but buy more items that I LOVE (not necessarily the same as spending less money… I could probably buy more expensive things and just buy less things and still end up spending the same amount of money as I would if I bought Lots and Lots of cheaper items… the only problem is narrowing it down to fewer items).

I’m also trying to save for a couch… so this is definitely impeding my progress towards that…. Check out this beauty:

I saw this couch in her studio and realized that I must have it.

Of course, today is Thanksgiving, so I should be counting my blessings instead of coveting things… but I just can’t help it!