september 16, 2004

the filibuster check-check-checking in with a little update from a little town called utah…  i realize there has been a lack of informative information, but hey, in the words of yellowcard, i’ve been “sleeping all day staying up all NIGHT!” (i can’t believe i just quoted that song…) 

rockness: new band discovered in the same manner after which i discovered my lovely hellogoodbye… race the sun.  they definately are rockin my stockin’s and i highly suggest that you go check them out like NOW!  their cd comes out the 21 of september (happy birthday tia and brea, go buy their cd) so come that time, you better be on top of that!  what can i say?  i like it.  so, let’s check it out, i mean, CHECK IT OUT!

clarifications: just wanted to clarify that last post, when i bought the new cd “hey everything’s fine” i was talking about limbeck, not melee.  melee is cool, but that’s not their cd.  speaking of purchases, i just ordered some more cds (someone stop me.  this online shopping thing is ADDICTING).  halifax ep and the old school nfg covers of movie songs.  cool stuff.  at least i’ll be getting mail since my family members refuse to write me.

ps.  socks: i can’t remember how to change my song on my page.  so, twins, risa, frickin someone – email me and tell me… and in accordance with the major sockdom of getting a virus from this stupid school (which i swear i am enjoying much more now)… i should be close to quarantined by now… so hopefully my dissertations will be more frequent.

meeting plenty of new people and many to find things in common with.  enjoyment points are going up although in times of stress i still find myself cursing this place.  me and jenn continue to live in a parallel universe with more connections than is healthy.

i must now continue to finish my paper on my unmerited advantages and disadvantages.  continue to be curious… it keeps life interesting!

Currently Playing: Phantom Planet

– lots of #2 of the guest and the anthem…

september 16, 2004

ps happy birthday to mom! 

Currently Playing: Happy Birthday From Sesame Street (Jewel Case)

– look they wanna say happy birthday too!

{Notice the way that I use the word “socks” – so relevant. I, myself, am currently working my socks off for a 10-hour Black Friday shift.}