monday, october 11, 2004


wow… it’s been a long time. i shouldn’t’ve left you… left you.

and now back to our regularly scheduled showing of the i rock you shock show starrin myself, the filibuster.  suck it trebek.

first off:  SPITALFIELD IS GOING TO SLC!!  that is definately highlighting the rockdom board right now.  i should go get tickets today.  i can’t believe i haven’t yet.  so, fat THANK YOU to spitalfield… if you wanna check if they’re coming to a venue near you… click here.

next: this whole living away from home thing is still rising on the charts, but not enough to take a stand yet.  but, i have been meeting cute guys and hitting it off pretty well, so as of right now, this roller coaster ride is peaking, hopefully the drop will be exhilarating instead of depressing.  but… yes, life is great, and i’m starting to get to know the library REAL well… i thought i was a nerd before, but now i actually have to study for it.  welcome to the dorkdom.

rockdom: visiting home.  i love going home (yes that means you guys mi familia)… wow, the food is good, the company is good, and the times are good.  i should attend home more often.  hmm… maybe my family members who just scored 119 1/2 dollars should hook me up with gas money???  it’s a thought…  *cough cough*  welcome.

sockdom:  the concise report, but i must say, duty calls (sleeping, eating, the whole shebang).  welcome to another week of school.

until next time, remember, i rock and you sock.  get over it.  maybe next time…

Currently Playing: Everyday Behavior

– by melee. and i lost my motion city soundtrack cd. that sucks.