I’m still obsessed with Emma Watson (and I still have more Hermione inspired posts…).

I found this picture while searching for pictures/articles about her style:

This inspired two things: my obsession with travel, and my obsession with stuff.

Part one: We’ll tackle the latter first.

In this article that accompanied the first image, the author writes this profound statement:

“There are a few luxe items in which every fashionable woman should invest: a great handbag, an elegant timepiece and a timeless Burberry trench coat.”

This led me to a LONG search for a handbag for Christmas.  Instead of splurging on this one, I kept it conservative and will most likely be getting this one for 1/4 the cost.  ::sigh:: Oh recession. ;(

(don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the second purse as well… however just saying that makes me second guess myself)

Part two: In which we explore my obsession with travel.

Not only am I obsessed with traveling (which I do very little of as of late), but I am mostly obsessed with things related to traveling.  For example, I LOVE packing. To pack the contents of a well thought-out suitcase, I will set out my outfits three days prior and add to/subtract from the selections about twice a day.  I usually try to narrow it down a lot so as to not over pack, and I pride myself on my ability to do this.  (I’m also tempted to buy one of these.)

I also enjoy reading travel tips and packing tips, etc. And, of course, airport/traveling fashion.  When I went to London, I spent HOURS researching good ideas for airplane outfits that were not dowdy yet were still comfortable (my days of pjs and sweats on the plane have apparently passed). I ended up with a v neck American Apparel T, some stretch jeans?, a jacket, and a blanket? Yeah, I can’t really remember.

And so, I looked up images of other famous people and their airport outfits – they’ve got to be on top of their game regardless of the length of flight, and I absolutely love it.

(This outfit is definitely not practical – could you imagine having to take off OTK boots to go through security?!)

Perhaps this week I will treat you to my travel-inspired posts… if work and work don’t kill me first….