sunday, october 24, 2004

same time, same place… i’m back, showing face… hello and it’s the filibuster returning to our exciting informative information!  what’s new?  well, let me tell you.

first off:  addition of bean to the rockdom hall of fame for coming through and helping me get tickets to spitalfield!!  he lives in slc and bought them for me to save me the drive out there.  i just officially got them today, which is much of a slackdom to me, but i’ve been mercilessly trying to acquire some, and he definately got it done!  so gold star for him and plus ten points… and an extra three for being 6’6″.

the rising on the charts continues to rise… me and the library were not as involved this week… bad me.  i can’t believe it.  actually, we were, but in between classes… weird!  and the roller coaster continues to rise and peak… i don’t like it… the fall is gonna suck… oh well, carpe diem right?

i never did get gas money from the family who just scored 119 1/2 dollars.  nor did i score the vans that i want…

rockdom: these shoes (hopefully that link works).  they freaking rock.  i want them… hmm… more hints to those who are scoring cash?  maybe i’ll just cough up the thirty and buy them…

more rockdom:  VOTING!!  Everyone should do it who can, and if you can’t, then be involved in making sure people who can do.  it’s a good cause.  and if we don’t vote, the we don’t have a reason to complain about things we don’t like.  so… get out and vote!  and take the ten minutes it takes to do a little bit of research so you know what you’re voting for.

that’s it from me… hope your day is sunny side up.

Currently Playing: Hellogoodbye

– homewrecker, bonnie taylor shakedown, dear jamie… gosh it all rocks. meeting jade at the electric theater…