monday, december 13, 2004

welcome to the long awaited installment of me rocking and you socking (and you thought your ego was rising)… sorry for the delay, but what can i say?  let’s go to the bay and eat some hay; i just may.

FIRST ADDITION TO THE ROCKDOM HALL OF GLORY: SPITALFIELD’S CONCERT!   yes, on october 26, i was priveleged to attend the Spitalfield concert at Kilby Court.  Holy crap they rocked hard.  i love it.  and mark grew his hair long – very unrecognizable.  they signed a dollar bill for me and complemented my poop shirt (it’s every color of poop – let’s put that in the hall of rockdom, just for grins).  to make the point: the concert rocked, it rocked, it rocked.

sockdom: the dang cold weather.  i’m adjusting to this ridiculousness.  that’s too bad.

rockdom: thanksgiving.  thank you to the family for making it so memorable.  yes, jumping on hotel room beds is a blast as well as snowboarding, eating, and staying up late doing stupid stuff.  Christmas is coming soon, and the countdown to my return home has begun.  yay!  i’m so excited! (ps, i need to get my Christmas list to mom, so someone email me so i can tell you what i want so you can tell mom).

and, i love it here, not here, but sometimes i really like the people.  the roommates are good and we have a rockin awesome time.

happy holidays – MERRY CHRISTMAS!  send my love to the fam, and until next time, i rock – you sock.  get over it.  maybe one day….

ps… there definately was a period of cloudy days where i was serene and romantically sad, but that was in november.  it’s always in november.  which is kinda good, because december tends to cheer me up.  i should write a book.

Currently Playing: Faster Crashes Harder

– spitalfield’s first cd… in addition to the lovely Christmas tunes – lots of barb and manheim… and occasional josh, clay, and SANTA BABY!