december 20, 2004

welcome back to an unusually soon demo of i rock, you sock.  for starters:  we need to have a little clarification.  editor’s note: last episode, when i stated that i liked the people here, i lied.  only some people.  the people usually bother me.  what i meant to say was, i like hanging out with the friends i have here.  those particular people are cool.  and, i spelt definitely wrong (it’s not definately)… gosh i’m retarded.  i guess i was hungry.

ROCKDOM: hanging out at the airport at 6 am with Christian.  must say we had a blast.

SOCKDOM: waking up at 5 (ok not going to sleep at all) am to leave for the airport.

welcome home!  i love it here.  and i love the people here.  most all of them.  lots of fun already.  in the past… 40 hours, i have had the opportunity to visit my soon-to-be-married friend (weird!), shop with the lovely jadel, take a bath (a luxury not available while away), sleep in a real bed, talk to the sisters, have awkward family conversation about kissing boys (made entertaining by the members of the fam), raise the IQ of the dog, and watch my little brother crawl through a doggy door.

until next time, my life rocks, and yours socks.  too bad.

Currently Playing: Christmas 1984

– mannheim steamroller is my hero.


WHAT?! A SECOND POST?! Christmas Eve Gifts Rock.

Christmas Day, 2004

merry christmas to all and to all a good night!

rockdom: i have to say, i got my sisters the most rocking awesome presents in the world.  i have been so excited to give them to them for like a month!  and i love being home!  the food is good, the people are good (when they aren’t talking to numerous boys… evil).

more rockery: definitely knitting.  it would have to be my hobby of choice as of right now, and it’s supposed to relieve stress (the finger motions) although i don’t find it very relieving when i get finger cramps and sores from it.

and let’s add marvin to that too for being the first to ever send me “eprops.”  i have no idea what that means but i’m hoping it’s good and i’m sure it makes me look cool.  congrats.  you don’t sock for a day!

sockery: i just found out i’ve been spelling “definitely” wrong.  it’s definItely, not definately.  many apologies for my lack of spelling knowledge.  gosh i suck… i’m over it.

until next time, i rock.  suckers!

Currently Playing: Rosie Christmas

– oh yeah. love it. and another rosie christmas