april 05. 2005

wow… such a long time.  nonetheless, i will continue to supply the world with the necessary installments of myself.

for this long-awaited episode of irock yousock… we’re going to have a little storytime prior to the usual inductions into rockdom and sockdom.

once upon a time a little girl named horito the hotness went off to a far away place called college.  come second semester, after much partying with the family for new years, some sledding occasions, snowboarding adventures, and after Christmas shopping sprees, she found herself in the schedule from hell with much to much to do and not enough time for it all.  two excursions home (one for pee pee’s wedding and one for the vegas) proved to be sufficient although she tended to miss the sistas dearly.  and although the paradise of hawaii wanted her to come visit for a term, she opted to stay home and enjoy the fun of the fam.  the semester was full of dead people, bo, the hookers, studying, who knows?  except that the “days flew by just like a fast train” (if you know the source of this one, let me know).  and now, we have the end of the semester.  can you believe it?  so many memories.                                                                       and as much as i’m excited to find out what happens in the next chapter of this story, i’m almost tempted to relish in this one a little longer.  it was a good chapter.

rockdom: spitalfield the second time.  armor for sleep (the second/third time – if you count the first second time when i got there in time for the last song).  good moods.  getting decent grades.  aprendar a hablar espanol.  the hot hat i just bought.  playing with jade and the asians for the would-be hawaii.

sockdom:  D-A-M draper court (they didn’t like me because i’m a woman).  mean people.  angry fights.  people who aren’t understanding.  the need to study.  not enough time in a day…

stay tuned for more rockery and sockery.  it might be a long time.  socks to be you.

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– limbeck – i wrote this down


in response to those shoes on october 24… i definitely purchased them at the beginning of this year, after a year and a half of wanting them.

bad news, now my potty partner wants them in pink and brown (pink should not be a color) and it’s ruining the shoes for me.  apologies for not helping her find them… ::evil smirk::