Sunday, May 01, 2005
welcome back for a very solemn day on i rock, you sock. unfortunately, today is not filled with jovial remarks of mockery towards others and infatuations with myself. many apologies for the lack of fun. nonetheless, i rock you sock is continually enjoyable and will nonetheless blow your mind.

sockery: goodbyes. enough said, but just for grins we’ll give a little elaboration. it takes twenty-eight days to make a habit, and after four months, those habits are hard to break. it’s like the song, “i’m leaving on a jet plane. don’t know when i’ll be back again. hold me like you’ll never let me go.” (Excuse me while i gag…) it got me.  as much as i tried to avoid it. i have completed the transformation into a girl – one who likes boys, and cries. we watched part of a movie the other night. i could watch the kissing scenes without making faces and turning away.

i’m sure the rockery will soon come. until then, i will throw myself into a busy whirlwind of life to numb the sadness and brighten my days.

until next time, i’m a socker.

ps. i still give marvin more rock points. her comments continue to make me feel special. Ü

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Don’t you love looking back at old self and realizing how absolutely embarrassing you are?