Sunday, June 12, 2005
so… i have officially made the decision to transform the i rock you sock installments from being a “show” to more of like a periodical, say, similar to a magazine.  for some odd reason, i find myself on this thing less and less.  nonetheless, it’s still remains entertaining when i remember it, AND my mom finally got rid of the weird block thing so i don’t have to enter bazillions of special passwords just to get here.  and so…

we now return for our monthly installment of i rock you sock.

rockery: let’s see.  crocheting.  i have definately become addicted to it.  i made this awesome frickin apron and it’s way hot.  i know you’re jealous.  also, movies.  my life would be a blank without them, but thanks to them, i officially can say, “yeah, so i watched a movie today” instead of the much more pathetic, “uh, nothing.”  in addition: little people.  my cousin aaron is the pimp and we totally kick trash at the pirating/robbery/plundering game we seem to always play in the pool with my brother and his brother.  so what if they all are short enough to play on the toys at mcdonalds and all their ages added up are… a bigger number than me but not by too much.  you just wish you could be so cool.

sockery: Total Est. Time: 37 hours, 8 minutes. Total Est. Distance: 2362.65 miles.   those numbers are a little too high for my liking.

and, officially, i would like to let marvin have a guest pass for visitation rights to be a member of the hall of rockdom.  congrats.  and maybe i’ll look into that book idea.  but they probably wouldn’t be self-help.  they’d be more like… haha you pitiful suck.  i’m cool.

keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle because i rock and you sock.

Currently Playing: Hellogoodbye

– call n return!! NOT bonnie taylor shakedown (fricking people ruining songs for me Ü)