I already LOVE the tights at We Love Colors (great colors, great quality – seriously, they’re the only tights that have survived MANY wears for more than one season – I’m rough on my tights).

Now they have a collaboration with Spill and the tights are TO DIE FOR.

Boom! For Real Tights – a homage to Jean Michel Basquiat (last year at Sundance I saw a fascinating documentary on him)

How can you not love the purple tights?! Especially when paired with those red shoes?!

Bits of Love Black Striped Knee Highs – come in MANY colors.

This is my favorite patch easily (besides the tights, but the socks are like 1/2 the cost of the tights, sigh).I think this will be my Valentine’s Day present – help me choose a color PLEASE!!!

Love Creatures Black Striped Knee Highs

Love Patch Black Striped Knee Highs

See how AWESOME the patch detail is?

Spill Doodle Socks


In a perfect world, I’d have a spare $50 to spend right now and I’d get these two pairs… And then all my friends and family would pitch in to buy me the rest. 😉

So HELP ME…. What color should I get the Socks in?! They’re always black striped and my gut wants me to go with white or gray…. (or do I just splurge and get the tights?)