In December, I received an email informing me of a site called JewelMint in which the jewelry is designed by Kate Bosworth and celebrity stylist Cher Coulter.

The idea behind the site is pretty cool.  It starts with a style quiz (I LOVE style quizzes), then they pick designs based on your results. It takes a little bit of tweaking (“show me more” items, adding those that you like, closing the ones you don’t) for them to pinpoint your style.  This morning, they showed me their picks for me in my “showroom”. The number one pick? The rings in the center (which I LOVE).

Each month, you can choose to purchase a sexy addition to your accessories drawer or skip the month!

This month, there are three items that I’m LOVING… (I also love hearts apparently)

The Sweetheart Ring, The Desire Rings, and the Mosiac Dream Necklace.

They all cost the same price ($30) as does all the jewelry on the site (and there are LOTS of different styles to choose from; these ones are just TOTALLY me).

So help a sister out: Which one(s) do you like the best?

(And guys, quick hint: they have LOTS of stuff that would make GREAT Valentine’s Day gifts. And if she doesn’t like it, returns are easy, and she can choose something else. The best part? No weird price differences if she chooses a different one since they’re all the same!)