This is the second to last installment of irock_yousock… nervous? Me too….

Monday, December 05, 2005
Hello.  Welcome to I rock you sock.  This is Whitney the Filibuster Horito signing in to report on the latest news of upmost importance.

For starters, let us venture into the world of pessimism to enjoy some thoughts from the mind of me.  Sockery.  First, those people who think they’re cool, or think that everybody loves them – GET OVER YOURSELF!!  sometimes we can tell you the same thing over and over again, yet you still find yourself to be God’s gift to humankind.  Also, pansies.  I must admit that I’ve been getting a little gutsier from past experiences.  Don’t tell me what to do if you’re not ready to do it too.

On to a happier topic: rockery.  my AMAZING new uniform skirts from Dennis Uniforms.  (Sock: the mean girl who worked there)  I’ve always wanted a school uniform, so i finally went out and bought one.  ok maybe three.  More rocks: Monday mornings with Jenn, late nights with Rat, little conversations with the Julie, dramatic explosions from Rachey Pachey, random spasms from Tricia.  The Thanksgiving holiday, McDonald’s Drive-Thrus, the movie Yours, Mine, and Ours, Aaron and our adventures with gorillas, elephants, and face-painting.

For Christmas, we’re being the Harajuku Girls.  I know.  Cool huh?

until then, happy Christmas and make the yuletide gay.  Hang your socks.  and always remember – i rock, and you sock.  sounds like a personal problem.

Currently Watching: OMG HGB DVD ROTFL

As a side note from current self: That Thanksgiving was probably one of the most awesomest ever. We ate at the Grand America, went to McDonald’s that night, hung the witch on my rearview mirror… and I watched that Hellogoodbye dvd about 1000 times over the next three months… mainly so I could hear the song, “Here in your Arms” before it was officially released and long before it was overplayed on the radio…. ::sigh:: don’t you LOVE when the radio gets a hold of a song?