{Personally, I think I’m pretty good at party/date planning. So, in honor of one of my favorite holidays, I’ll be posting Valentine’s Day date/party ideas this week.}

camping date, campfire date, camp party, cute camping{L-R, top to bottom | Images from: Shiny Red Houses, Baking Bites, Try Handmade Gallery, The Veggie-Full Kitchen, Laura Rebecca’s Kitchen, P Base, Traveler Incaqueen, UltraROB.com, Simplicity Photography – ghetto photoshopping by me to make it look like we’re camping}

Here’s the lowdown: This would make a great group gathering and/or date – just switch up a few of the details to change it from one to the other.

My plan: Campfires are romantic without being in your face about it. Eat tin foil dinners (love them), drink cocoa, have cobbler, roast s’mores, share a blanket.

{See the details in the rest of the post}

Giftage: All good Valentine’s Day dates/relationships require a gift. Chocolates and flowers, although classic favorites, are REALLY expensive in honor of your lover. So, get something unconventional. Like a red quilt, wool blanket, or picnic blanket. Throw in some cute mugs and you’ve got a clever gift.

Eats: All good life events involve food.

Plan some tin foil dinners (that Veggie-Full link above has some hardcore ones that sound delish… I usually just mix meat, thick cuts of veggies, and cream of mushroom soup together with the meat on the bottom and veggies on the top).

For dessert, cook up some cobbler (my easy recipe: 1-2 cans of fruit, 1 yellow cake mix poured on top. Stick in the fire till it looks done) – better yet, cook it in this cute heart shaped dutch oven.

Roast s’mores (I love these hooks – you can stick them on sticks).  You can dress up your s’mores a little bit by using Symphony chocolate or Nutella instead of regular Hershey’s squares. Or opt for some cookies instead of graham crackers.

Drink hot cocoa. Use a small heart shaped cookie cutter to put hearts into your marshmallows (you’ll get bonus points for how cute it is).

Fun details: Get a two-man chair so you can share a blanket. Bring a guitar for some fun campfire tunes.

Don’t forget: napkins, paper towels, water, paper plates, utensils, fire needs (wood, matches, kindling, newspaper), serving spoon (For the cobbler), mugs, etc.

Girls, wear this!!

Make it a date: Buy the gift, and go as a couple.

Make it a group party: You make the cobbler and provide the s’mores and cocoa. BYO tin foil dinners, blankets, and chairs.