This Lovers’ Breakfast is a simple, laid back but cute way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  The best part is that you don’t even have to do it in the morning! Have an evening time pajama party. I love breakfast at any time of day.  In fact, for five years I had a waffles and strawberries Valentine’s Day party in the evening!

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The general plan: eat breakfast, wear your pjs, relax. The styling is the key to keep it from looking like “oh crap it’s Valentine’s Day what do I do now.” A few details will ensure that this was an actual plan and not a last ditch effort.

See the rest of the genius details here

Decor: Buy a red tablecloth, preferably not plastic.  Centerpieces (guys – this is something you put in the middle of the table so it looks nice) – get a skinny glass vase (Wal-Mart has inexpensive ones in the craft section).  Tall and skinny, but wide enough that you can fit one rose in it.  But a couple of floating candles while you’re in the craft section.  They should also have red marble bead things that look like they belong in the bottom of a fish tank. You will also need one votive holder (a small glass, shot glass sized). Buy one red rose.

Assemble: put the beads in the bottom of your vase. Fill about 1/3 of the way. Cut the rose to 2/3 of the vase height. Stab the stem into the beads. Fill the vase with water, covering the rose. Place a floating candle on top. Place the extra candle in your votive holder/ashtray. Light the candles. +10 points. (Alternatively, get multiple votive candles and ditch the floating candle on top. Surround the vase with the votives.)

Shopping list: Skinny glass vase. Red fish tank beads. Candles and holders. One rose. Red tablecloth.

Ambiance: Be sure to have some music going in the background. This is often overlooked but it adds a nice touch. I like something like Jack Johnson for this mood.

Food: Belgian waffles, chopped strawberries, whipped cream, chocolate dipped strawberries, and milk.  I usually google a waffle recipe.

Chop strawberries and put in a bowl. Pour some sugar on top and fridge for 2 hours – they’ll get that nice saucy liquid in them.

To dip strawberries, buy some chocolate (I prefer Dove squares), cut them into little pieces, and melt them in the microwave in a mug (I usually go for 2 minutes at 50% power, stop and stir, then do 1 minute increments after that).  Dip the prewashed and DRIED strawberries into the chocolate. Set on wax paper to cool.  To get fancy, melt some white chocolate as well, spoon it into a ziploc bag, snip the end, and squeeze the chocolate out onto your strawberries using a back and forth motion. Having chocolate dipped strawberries makes it seem like a special occasion. This is the one time of year that I do it.

For the milk, put it into a cute carafe. Everything looks better when presented well.  Also, to keep it cold, pour milk into ice cube trays and freeze to make milk ice cubes (so when they melt, your milk isn’t all watery).  Later on in life, reuse the carafe as a vase and drop three flowers into it to make  a nice gift.  Also, drink milk out of fancy glasses – everything feels more special with special cups. Or, add these AMAZING PAPER STRAWS – hearts?! How cute is that?!

Gift: Along with the invitation to pajama breakfast, give a cute set of pjs. I like the Victoria’s Secret ones because I think it’s funny to see the reaction of receiving a Victoria’s Secret box/bag and opening it to find pjs. I also LOVE Hello Kitty pjs.

Make it a date: Buy the gift, make the waffles, set the scene.

Make it a party: Ditch the waffles (trust me, I still do it but it is hard to make a LOT of waffles and keep them all crisp and warm), make heart shaped pancakes. Invite everyone to come in their pjs.