This party is inspired by the Valentine’s Day parties of yesteryear: schoolyard days, valentine mailboxes, chalkboards (oh yes friends, remember how we had chalkboards in school, not whiteboards?), homemade treats, and of course, school lunch.

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Cute invites, a chalkboard photo booth, school lunches, valentine mailboxes, potluck treats, and plenty of valentines will make this party an A+.

See how here….

The Invites: Inspired by report cards, send out invitations that are reminiscent of school days.  Or send out a flyer folded into thirds (I remember getting those as well!).

The Chalkboard Photo Booth: Almost anything can be turned into a chalkboard with some chalkboard spray paint. A backdrop could be a quilt, some butcher paper (you can even paint some hearts onto it), a sheet, fabric, etc. Take snapshots of all your guests as they enter – it’s usually the easiest!

The Food: Pick some elementary school favorites: chicken nuggets, sloppy joes, tater tots, pudding cups, fresh fruit, carrot sticks, jello, cookies, french bread pizza… Add in milk cartons (you’ve GOTTA get milk cartons!) and you look like you’re the cafeteria! The lunch trays make a perfect touch. I actually own 12. I purchased them from a local elementary school.  A friend of mine once needed like 80 for a party, and the school actually allowed her to borrow them (she just had to pay for any that weren’t returned).

Activities: Decorate your mailbox. Everyone gets a brown paper sack. Have supplies like scissors, glue, crayons, and construction paper. Everyone can have their own bag for valentines to be delivered to.

You can also opt to play heads up seven up, pin the [heart] on the [person], or bingo. Crafts are also an option.

Sharing is Caring: Have each guest bring a valentine for everyone and a treat to share. After the valentine sharing, everyone can take part in a sugar feast!  If your guests won’t bring both, then have them bring one or the other (I personally like candy valentines because then you can take them home and eat them later).  I would keep a list of treat ideas in case people ask: cake pops, chocolate dipped strawberries, rice krispie treats,  cookies (chocolate chip, sugar, cookie bars), oreo truffles, chocolate dipped oreos, brownies, chocolate dipped pretzels… I could name off treats forever.

Make it a date: Plan the party for two and forgo the mailbox making. Pick a school-feeling classic love story like… Billy Madison (haha). Make your valentine a little more heartfelt. Pick a few treats to make and share.

Make it a party: Do EVERYTHING above and invite your coolest friends.

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