Jk. This is not the end. I thought it was until I found another page of posts… so this is la fausse fin.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

lengthened as a peace offering.

wow.  that title is HUGE!

fourscore and seven years ago, i posted something as an installment of i rock you sock.  in case you’ve forgotten, i’m whitney the filibuster horito, here for the (should-be) monthly issue of amazing information from the intelligently-overflowing mind of me.

first and foremost, in honor of nylon stockings day, i’d like to apologize for my lack of nylons worn today.  maybe i’ll make it up tomorrow.  oh wait, that’s a lie.  the only nylons i have are pasty white (which i’m not) so i’ll have to save my amazing funeral shirtdress (with buttons all up the front!) for another day.  fact not crap.  [editor’s note: nylon stockings day is may 15, which is the date i’m posting this.  xanga can’t tell time. forgive them.]

rockery:  school’s out.  miracles (aka my gpa).  my girls.  my sisters.  my puppy.  my mommy and daddy.  my growing mass of intelligence i gain at my job.  the brad royal experience.  my sheet metal board.  my undone to-do lists.  my ability to solve a rubix cube.  my new panties.  my cousin aaron.  –notice that all these things begin with MY–

also, i’d like to give a shoutout to the boudin sourdough bakery in san fransisco.  they make amazing sourdough bread.  i highly recommend the asiago cheese sourdough.  i also recommend visiting their site to indulge in the beauty of it yourself.  GO NOW!!  CLICK HERE!!

for once, i’d like to commend peta for their efforts.  specifically to make people stop eating fish.  click here to buy the cute shirt.  and for the record, i’m not anything near a vegetarian, nor do i care about the rights of fish, but i do think it smells disgusting and is the most unappetizing meal available.  besides intestines.

H&M.  i could spend a million dollars there.  www.hm.com.  please come to vegas.

sockery: bad memories.  nightmares.  disagreements.  fears.  limitations.  perplexions.  all to be overcome with time.

peace out yo.  don’t get your panties in a wad.  calm down.  take a break.  eat a cookie.  you sock.

Currently Listening: Take-Offs & Landings

– rilo kiley. it’s the old one. and i purchased it. i like that she’s a girl. it’s like a women’s rights movement or something. sometimes i have take-offs and landing when i ride in airplanes. i like riding in airplanes. it saves a lot of time. and they give you a cup of ginger ale and a napkin. but i have to take dramamine first because sometimes i get motion sickness. and i don’t mind flying solo. it’s ok. you can sleep, read a book, listen to music. none of which require another person. one day, i’ll be able to make friends with and talk to the people sitting around me. then i’ll take another train ride and befriend all my neighbors along the way.

A note from current self: Isn’t it so cute that “the Brad Royal Experience” made it onto my list of rockery and then we ended up married? How saccharine. And I love that Vegas is now home to the largest H&M in the world (which I have yet to visit due to family obligations that filled the holiday season… oh Vegas, I need to see you soon) when I had to wait for the trek to SAN FRANCISCO to shop there (and that was the easy option; it used to require a roundtrip flight to NYC)… ah 2006. How times have changed.