Embarrassing Confession #1: Since Brad went out of town, I decided to watch Twilight Eclipse. I must admit that I was disappointed. It wasn’t as funny as the first two. Instead, it was kind of gag me awkward. But Alice is so cute.

Embarrassing Confession #2: Now I want to read the Twilight books. I’ve heard they’re an enjoyable read, and my co-workers all recommended them. So, I downloaded it onto an adobe reader thing (did you know you can “check out” electronic copies of books from the library for two weeks?! no late fees and I don’t even have to get dressed!).

Lest you think that I initiated this letter to admit my embarrassing facts to my techie friends, here’s the moral of the story:

I am 9 pages into the online book, and I have made a decision. I think I would love an e-reader.

{Side note: Embarrassing Confession #3: This all started when Daryl bought one on the Office. It just looked so convenient to read anything anywhere with one little boople.}

Regardless, I realized that when I read, I enjoy the following situation: listening to music that complements my reading while reading. Sometimes I read in silence, but my ADD self can pay better attention to reading if a distraction is already built into the experience, thereby blocking out other distractions. Plus, who runs on a treadmill/works out at the gym/uses an elliptical/rides a bike without listening to music?! Right. There must be auditory distraction from running.

Therefore, my question is:

Is there an e-reader/iPod combo? Something that can be used to read a lot of stuff and also simultaneously listen to music? Basically, if the Kindle and the iPod had a baby, I want to own their baby.

Does this exist?!