Thursday, November 02, 2006
this is the filibuster checking in for the usual display of rock and sock.

good news: it’s november 2nd. i’m keeping the tradition of beginning of the month posts.

bad news: the last post was august 2nd, making it a three month gap since my latest update.  apologies given.

and continuing on to the kingdom of rockery.

what am i most looking forward to right now? holiday sparkle.  yes, december is still one month away, and christmas season doesn’t start until after thanksgiving (we don’t want to rush this), but i just can’t wait to deck the halls and adorn my outfits in celebrating the festivities of the most wonderful time of the year.  more rocks: the pirate ship we made of risa’s bronco for halloween, and my gray slippers. they’re so cozy!  also, i have this newfound love of reading random things, so any good, unadulterated book recommendations are appreciated.  oh!  and we shan’t forget the english minor!  that’s a definite addition to rockery!  i’m so excited!

oh yes.  this positive vibe would not be complete without an appreciation for the opening of my favorite store, H&M, in Los Angeles.  The four hour drive is NOTHING compared to the lovelies that can be obtained there.  It seems that the cosmos have lined up in my favor.  as usual.

sockery: the management at my apartment complex. they suck.  they gave me the wrong parking pass, causing me to get a boot, and i spent an entire week (in which i should’ve been moving in to my apartment) cleaning the place because it was so disgustingly dirty.  supposedly it passed a “white glove inspection.”  white glove my fox.  more sockery: bad moods and bad weather.  they seem to go together.

congrats.  you have now finished this installment.  too bad you still sock!

Currently Listening: Back to Basics

– i know. it’s slightly embarassing… and now that i’ve put that as what i’m listening to, i no longer feel like listening to it.

Note from current self: Isn’t it cute how I was so apologetic about not blogging? hahahahahabahba.