Wednesday, December 06, 2006
Look at the date.  Yes.  I’d like to share that I deserve a gold star for this timely posting.  I’m so proud.  Yes, it is I, the filibuster, here to enlighten your life with an episode of rocksock.

rockery: my timing.  oh so soon.  it’s been so long.  the anticipation of cruising: although it goes against my traditional celebration of Christmas (which I am a fan of), the bitter cold has me yearning for sunny warmth!  yayay!!  plus, i get to spend it with my favorites – seller of purple!  yay!  also, CHRISTMAS!!!  oh yes.  the stockings were hand-made Martha Stewart style and hung by the chimney (or just over the fireplace) with care.  The tree is up.  And although it doesn’t look super festive (yet), the plans for holiday celebration are still unraveling and it’s looking marvelous.

this just in!  more rocks.  the craving for sewing shall be satisfied through the enrollment in intermediate sewing next semester.  i’m determined to enjoy the class (even though i hate sewing classes, i just like sewing).  preview: the christmas dress i am making.  silver brocade top with princess seams and cute little sleeves, and black velvet (if you please) from the waist down.  such a classic combination.  now if only i can get around to finishing…

sockery: disappointment.  not knowing what i want for christmas.  mood swings.  girly emotions and lack of patience.  ucky weather.  the awful virus that kept me feeling like i had ALS for a week.  patho.  gosh i’m scared of that class.

everyone cross your fingers for me to get accepted to study abroad in london, so that i can continue to rock as i laugh my way to london at you little sockers stuck at home…


Currently Listening: Happy Christmas, Vol. 4

– oh the love for track 7 (or 8)… copeland singing do you hear what i hear….


SPECIAL BONUS in honor of my timeliness.

ugly dance contests?  of course.  compliments of gaby.

note from future me: oh my gosh!! I seriously forgot that my sisters and I used to call ourselves “Sellers of Purple” like we were a band or something. Also, intermediate sewing proved to be one of my most enjoyable classes I took at BYU.