Since shopping has become blah and obsessing over clothes is a little lackluster due to my inability to wear normal clothes/quickly changing size, I have found a few other creative outlets to obsess over.


Is it just me or does the warm weather make my mouth start watering for homegrown tomatoes? And basil? And mozzarella cheese? (Ok, you don’t grow mozzarella, but it’s gooooood.) I am determined to grow things this year, and for them to survive i.e. I will not kill them.

Home decorating:

The Antonio Treatment? Love it. I am basically obsessed with his offbeat rockstar makeovers. I would also like a house to decorate (or at least to know where I’ll be in six months) and money to decorate it and a personal carpenter to help me make all the things that are existing in my brain. Also, a non-ninja carrying body that is not being sucked of brains and energy by a fetus.

Golden Birthday Planning:

Now imagine this in gold....

Brad turns 27 on the 27th this year. To celebrate, I’m going blonde (that’s actually more to celebrate the twins turning 21 on the 21st, but they almost overlap/I will still be blonde for Brad’s birthday) and planning the MOST AWESOME Warped Tour/Coachella/Lollapalooza/show inspired birthday party. Think lots of gold, lots of awesome, and Brad performing his very own show. It’s like the Avril party amped up on crack and multiplied by a thousand.

That’s most of it… of course there are other things that keep me up at night, but cleaning my house? Definitely not one of them.