Warning: To those of you who love being pregnant/would love to be pregnant, there is a possibility that you will be offended by this post.

My pregnant but it doesn't look like it belly at somewhere around 12 weeks?

Besides the fact that it’s kind of cool that we’ll get a kid (mostly because I know how badly Brad wants one and because I can stay home and do nothing purposefully), I basically hate being pregnant.

Why am I such a Debbie Downer?

Because, my friends, I feel like being pregnant is a giant list of things I can’t do that I want to do. And, being inherently selfish, I don’t like this little fetus dictating my life for me.

For example, as a pregnant person, I cannot:
– Eat whatever I want. Ahh no, my taste buds are sensitive and picky and hate almost everything.
– Be skinny.
– Buy clothing that can be worn for the next 6 months in their entirety.
– Know what my size will be in six months.
– Eat sushi.
– Go surfing.
– Go to water parks and ride the rides.
– Ride rides in general.
– Move things (furniture, work fixtures, boxes, anything heavier than a baby carrot).
– Paint and stain things.
– Go to the gym then head straight to work (my body is tired ALL THE TIME).
– Sleep through the night (although this was an issue pre-pregnancy, it is heightened by a constant state of discomfort).
– Lie on my back/right side/stomach.
– Start up running again after a three month hiatus.
– Travel in August (or fly in July).
– Wear clothing comfortably (elastic touching ANY PART of my stomach makes me want to die).
– Avoid going pee (I HATE going pee and now I do it a thousand times a day).
– Wear heels like I normally do (I can, but my back pain starts making my life miserable after about ten minutes).
– Walk/stand/sit without a searing pain in my back (thank you fetus for loving my spine).

There are plenty more pessimistic thoughts that I have about this whole process, but this should suffice as my rant for now. Let’s just say that nine months is SO LONG and oh my gosh is it over yet?