This year, I keep going back and forth for what I want to do for my birthday. My initial plan was to throw a Junk Gypsies inspired party with mac and cheese, pulled pork sandwiches, a summer salad, homemade lemonade, and smores. Then I decided to opt against the party and instead put the $$ towards Brad’s golden birthday because I want it to be killer.

I’m also going back and forth on if I want to be in Utah for my b-day or in Vegas (Vegas is currently winning out because I want to get my herr did by Amrita).

Now I’m going back and forth between wanting nothing (or maybe a pair of glasses) and wanting an uber-expensive handbag (because if I have to spend that much money on it, it’s no longer just a purse).

However, I saw this photo today and decided that I think I’d like my birthday to include a lovely floral crown.

photo via Wikstenmade

How appropriate is it that on my daddio’s birthday, I’m thinking about mine?! That, my friends, is a sign of pure vanity.