Where do blogs go when their owners stop posting? Do they go to blog heaven where they can bond and dine on ambrosia and read each other’s souls? Or do they rot and wither in a cemetery, alone and forgotten? Is there a blog pound where users drop off their unwanted blogs that provided an unsurmountable load of joy on Christmas morning, only to be discarded when the reality of upkeep and care required crept in? Image

When this blog came into existence, I was SO EXCITED about how perfect it was: the name was available, for starters, and it became my little corner on the web where my brain could publicly spew its contents. Where I could write silliness and nonsense. Where I could post frivolous thoughts and keep track of unnecessary wants. Image

Then the advent of Pinterest. Aside from writing, why need a blog?

Then the discovery of lifestyle blogging. Aside from pinning, why need a blog?

And thus the perfection came to a halt, no longer filling a void.Image

Today is not the day you die, little blog, so enjoy these random ramblings of nonsense and these pictures of pretty storefronts in Boston. Let them keep you warm on those long, cold, summer days in which I spend my time in the sun instead of tending to your needs.