A friend of mine has me on her blog today. I love the way that she portrayed me (in words and pictures). I’m not glamorous, but she perfectly describes how I’d like to be seen – imperfections included. Bonus: there are pics of my in progress living room/greenroom.

Also, if Topsy and Havoc isn’t on your reading list (PS I recommend feedly as a reader), you should probably get on that because it’s pretty legit.

I stole that photo from her site, which is probably against some sort of copyright law, but I’m a rebel. And by rebel I mean I am totally a rule follower. Who happens to swipe pics of myself.

And I’ve always known that I’m a tad bit conceited, but I love seeing how people photograph me. And it’s not because it’s just me, but it’s how they choose to see me and filter me. So it’s just as much about them as it is about me.