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I’m still in love with the idea of carry on travel (especially because I strategically had to pack my suitcase in order to fit some clothes for Brad and some food/frying pan/tupperware)… Thank goodness everyone else has it on their mind too!  Here are Piperlime‘s ideas for lightweight travel…


I am constantly obsessed with the idea of what people look like when they are at the airport. I have an obsession with airports – people leaving, coming, going… where are they going? Why? Who are they seeing there? Have they been there before? Is it business? Vacation? Family emergency?

I don’t know what it is about travel, but people at airports seem to hold some sort of a secret… arrivers have the mystery of where they’ve been, departers have the mystery of where they’re going.

And, being the conceited person that I am, I always love looking at other people’s outfits/wonder what I look like or people imagine about me when they see me at the airport.

Luckily, I found Traveling Fashionista so I can stalk all those famous people who seem to manage to look incredibly chic whilst doing their arriving and departing.

I love this outfit because it’s awesome.

This is usually what my airport outfit looks like.

The blazer really makes a difference in her outfit.

They also had some cool articles on What to Wear on Airplanes, a 10 piece wardrobe (I’m a firm believer in not over-packing – I prefer to spend a week laying out my clothes and rearranging/editing so I don’t have more pieces than I need/will wear), Packing tips from Diane von Furstenberg.

Now to start laying out my clothes for Alaska! Countdown: 6 days!

Remember how I’m obsessed with sleeping in a tent in Washington? And how apparently the word for what I’m craving is “spring”?!

a little bit moody

a little bit moody by horito featuring leather tote bags


Well, of course, that caused me to browse for some outfits… I went for more of a mood board than an outfit board, but it basically sums up how I feel…  I’m really loving hunter/olive green and navy right now.

Last night, I fell asleep listening to music with the humidifier on next to my face. It reminded me of my freshman year when I’d fall asleep listening to old old acoustic Spitalfield with the window open – slow, melodic music with a touch of a cool bite to the air.

I imagine that’s what it would be like to sleep in this tent in Dosewallips, WA. Cool, humid air, rhythmic rain, slow music (of course I’d want a Bose in there).

I’m craving warmer weather and sunshine, yet ironically, all I can think about is a trip to Washington. I assume that I’m actually craving green and live things instead of actual sun since everything here is still dead and that’s the only thing I can see in common between somewhere tropical and Washington state.

Sweet and Warm Valentine's Day

Sweet and Warm Valentine’s Day by horito featuring lace up shoes


The inspiration for this outfit came from where I WISH I was spending V-Day: somewhere warm and sunny. Lots of flow and ease.

Alternatively, for those of us not in a tropical paradise, alternative shoe and bag options are on the right to adapt the outfit to our less appealing climates.

I’m pretty excited about the William Rast collection for Target. I hope that the details look awesome instead of cheap.

I saw this commercial tonight on tv, and it made me want it even more.

things I’m currently craving:

– road trips

– adventures

– travels

– warm/cool sun – not hot, not cold, just generic warmth

– grunge

– cultural/ethnic/western pieces

– central american and native american influences

I’m still obsessed with Emma Watson (and I still have more Hermione inspired posts…).

I found this picture while searching for pictures/articles about her style:

This inspired two things: my obsession with travel, and my obsession with stuff.

Part one: We’ll tackle the latter first.

In this article that accompanied the first image, the author writes this profound statement:

“There are a few luxe items in which every fashionable woman should invest: a great handbag, an elegant timepiece and a timeless Burberry trench coat.”

This led me to a LONG search for a handbag for Christmas.  Instead of splurging on this one, I kept it conservative and will most likely be getting this one for 1/4 the cost.  ::sigh:: Oh recession. ;(

(don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the second purse as well… however just saying that makes me second guess myself)

Part two: In which we explore my obsession with travel.

Not only am I obsessed with traveling (which I do very little of as of late), but I am mostly obsessed with things related to traveling.  For example, I LOVE packing. To pack the contents of a well thought-out suitcase, I will set out my outfits three days prior and add to/subtract from the selections about twice a day.  I usually try to narrow it down a lot so as to not over pack, and I pride myself on my ability to do this.  (I’m also tempted to buy one of these.)

I also enjoy reading travel tips and packing tips, etc. And, of course, airport/traveling fashion.  When I went to London, I spent HOURS researching good ideas for airplane outfits that were not dowdy yet were still comfortable (my days of pjs and sweats on the plane have apparently passed). I ended up with a v neck American Apparel T, some stretch jeans?, a jacket, and a blanket? Yeah, I can’t really remember.

And so, I looked up images of other famous people and their airport outfits – they’ve got to be on top of their game regardless of the length of flight, and I absolutely love it.

(This outfit is definitely not practical – could you imagine having to take off OTK boots to go through security?!)

Perhaps this week I will treat you to my travel-inspired posts… if work and work don’t kill me first….

“Some [get] no further than accumulating these verbal snapshots. . . in the early, rough-draft stages, there are few things more pleasurable than bringing up a memory and transcribing it directly, like a wide-awake dream.” - Philip Lopate

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