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My favorite show of fashion week (even more so now that John Galliano is gone): DSquared.

Oh how I love them. And isn’t this presentation genius?!  A music festival? SEriously guys.


Someone please explain to me how I can make my life look like this:


Spent the morning staring at Toast.

Too many pretties to be wanted.

This year, I keep going back and forth for what I want to do for my birthday. My initial plan was to throw a Junk Gypsies inspired party with mac and cheese, pulled pork sandwiches, a summer salad, homemade lemonade, and smores. Then I decided to opt against the party and instead put the $$ towards Brad’s golden birthday because I want it to be killer.

I’m also going back and forth on if I want to be in Utah for my b-day or in Vegas (Vegas is currently winning out because I want to get my herr did by Amrita).

Now I’m going back and forth between wanting nothing (or maybe a pair of glasses) and wanting an uber-expensive handbag (because if I have to spend that much money on it, it’s no longer just a purse).

However, I saw this photo today and decided that I think I’d like my birthday to include a lovely floral crown.

photo via Wikstenmade

How appropriate is it that on my daddio’s birthday, I’m thinking about mine?! That, my friends, is a sign of pure vanity.

ElleGirl sent me a preview of Forever 21’s fall collections! I had no idea that Forever 21 even thought in collections (well, I guess I knew that the stores were divided into concepts from Tia working at the GIANT F21 in Vegas… but I guess I didn’t realize that they weren’t JUST arranged that way).

For fall, there are four themes, which I am in love with (I think they picked all four when they thought of me):


Vintage Darling

Rustic Cabin

Midnight Angel

· Does this need an explanation?! It’s bohemian – flowy, hippie inspired, with a kind of Coachella vibe…

Vintage Darling
· Girly, lacy, sparkly, tea party fun!

Rustic Cabin
· Hello my obsession with Native American everything… leather + turquoise + outdoors + canvas = smile.

Midnight Angel
· For my inner rockstar – some days you just feel like you want to be awesome.

I love them all – do you have a fave?

Images via Racked

I love when Anthropologie sends pretties to my inbox. Like this outfit.

I think that I love everything about it… the amazing maxi skirt, the mixture of gold and silver necklaces, the chambray shirt, the belted waist, and the idea that I could wear a maxi skirt like this with a giant belly…

Yep. Love.

I would like to be the girl in this photo:

  • sunny surroundings
  • pretty plants
  • and most importantly: awesome yellow maxi dress

I think I want to live in maxi dresses all summer… so someone explain why my recent shopping trip consisted of me buying pants and tops?!

photo found via here

I have had the same frames since my sophomore/junior year of high school.

i.e. around 7-9 years.

And I’m thinking that maybe this year I’ll want to get some new ones (but then there’s the saying: don’t fix what ain’t broke). I just want some that feel a little more now… I don’t even know if I’m venturing to get something VERY different from what I have.

But I’m liking the vintage looks of Warby Parker. My current favorites are the Zagg and the Roosevelt. Maybe.

What do you think?

Of course not! There’s a whole SLEW of new finds…

au natural

I’m dying for wildflowers, flowing dresses, and pretty paintings.


Happy St. P day.

At work, we recently got a new pair of Jessica Simpson shoes that mesmerized me – I literally wanted to stop working to just stare at them all day.

They’re just the basic Jessica pump, but it’s the COLOR that is amazing. It’s a pearlized nude that is a perfect ballet nude/pink/blush/cream combo with the tiniest shimmer to it. It reminds me of the shoe version of Stila’s Kitten (which is an amazing eyeshadow):

In addition to wanting to own these shoes, I also wanted to crash a prom in these shoes and a tutu ballerina inspired cupcake dress… similar to:

This awesome D&G skirt from Fall 2009.

This Junk Gypsies Pettiskirt (perhaps in a different color)

Betsey Johnson’s 68th Birthday Dress (perhaps in a different color as well)

In my mind’s eye, this dress is cream… because I have an odd obsession with cream/white dresses. Plus, the shoes would look KILLER with a cream or white dress.

Alternatively, I’d also like to dress up like this:

mmmm…. D&G Spring 2010… the girly ruffles and the western details…

This party is inspired by the Valentine’s Day parties of yesteryear: schoolyard days, valentine mailboxes, chalkboards (oh yes friends, remember how we had chalkboards in school, not whiteboards?), homemade treats, and of course, school lunch.

valentine's day elementary school party, school party, valentine's day party{L-R, top to bottom: Thoughtfully Simple, We Love Laugh Kiss, Idea Sandbox, Dollar Tree, Big Sis Lil Sis, Disney Family Fun,, Your Homebased Mom}

Cute invites, a chalkboard photo booth, school lunches, valentine mailboxes, potluck treats, and plenty of valentines will make this party an A+.

See how here….

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In December, I received an email informing me of a site called JewelMint in which the jewelry is designed by Kate Bosworth and celebrity stylist Cher Coulter.

The idea behind the site is pretty cool.  It starts with a style quiz (I LOVE style quizzes), then they pick designs based on your results. It takes a little bit of tweaking (“show me more” items, adding those that you like, closing the ones you don’t) for them to pinpoint your style.  This morning, they showed me their picks for me in my “showroom”. The number one pick? The rings in the center (which I LOVE).

Each month, you can choose to purchase a sexy addition to your accessories drawer or skip the month!

This month, there are three items that I’m LOVING… (I also love hearts apparently)

The Sweetheart Ring, The Desire Rings, and the Mosiac Dream Necklace.

They all cost the same price ($30) as does all the jewelry on the site (and there are LOTS of different styles to choose from; these ones are just TOTALLY me).

So help a sister out: Which one(s) do you like the best?

(And guys, quick hint: they have LOTS of stuff that would make GREAT Valentine’s Day gifts. And if she doesn’t like it, returns are easy, and she can choose something else. The best part? No weird price differences if she chooses a different one since they’re all the same!)

Wicked Valentine's Day

Wicked Valentine’s Day by horito featuring zipper jeans

Inspired by ruby red slippers, the wicked witch of the east, and those socks I’m pining for.  I’m still coveting those Cake by Petunia Pickle Bottom bags.

This could very well end up being {one of} my V-Day Love outfit{s} – perfect for Chinese take-out and the NBA Slam Dunk contest.

Blackboard Valentine's Day

Blackboard Valentine’s Day by horito featuring shell tops

An outfit for those who are not so inclined to wear red or pink on V-Day Love. Not too saccharine sweet, but still dressed up. The shoes – PAYLESS!! I seriously love them. I like the pops of red, and you can never go wrong with a poppy from Emersonmade.

Inspired by Kate Spade (again) and spun into a preppy vibe.

Rockstar Valentine's Day

Rockstar Valentine’s Day by horito featuring a snake necklace

This outfit springboard-ed from the Kate Spade styling in the corner. Then I added the sexiest tights in the world (and some red suede shoes like the ones they styled them with). Naturally, my giant red heart purse came into play, and the next thing I knew, I had created an outfit so paparazzi worthy that even the tabloids can’t contain its awesomeness.

“Some [get] no further than accumulating these verbal snapshots. . . in the early, rough-draft stages, there are few things more pleasurable than bringing up a memory and transcribing it directly, like a wide-awake dream.” - Philip Lopate

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