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I realize I’ve been MIA for awhile. That would be due to the arrival of a baby last month. Nevertheless, I am still eying lots of clothes! My current need is loose fitting (due to the leftovers from the aforementioned pregnancy), button front (due to the new baby) tops.


I’m basically obsessed with this top from Gap.


But I can’t decide which color I like better. Naturally, I was drawn to the boldness of the mustard, but something about the nude color is calling my name as well, even though I hardly ever wear anything in a brown color family…


Which one should I get? Is one color more “me”?






Remember back when I used to blog? Me too.

Pregnancy crazy brain has taken on a new OCD form called “what I need to buy for my baby: go over the list about 1000x before going to sleep at night”.

So instead of sleeping, I try to decide what I want/need to buy.

a baby



For example:

– I want the Timi and Leslie Dawn diaper bag in Cloud Blue. Am I sure I don’t want it in black? Which will I like better? Do I need to get the cute mini as well?

– What “essentials” do I really need? I want a trash can with a lid for sure, and probably a thermometer because I see crazy brain’s next obsession being “is my baby sick/he feels a little hot”, and bottles seem like a general use, not to mention diapers (oh how I dread the thought of buying them already). Do I want a pump? Which pump is the best? Which diaper butt cream is the best? Am I missing essential items that I need/want?

– Will I find a glider on KSL for super cheap that I can cover in a gray fabric? Will I find a gray fabric? WHY DOES NOBODY MAKE MY IDEAL GRAY FABRIC?!

– Am I missing any books for my “now there’s a kid outside of me, what the freak do I do now?” library? Isn’t there an encyclopedia of new mom-hood that can teach me to breastfeed and read my baby’s mind?

– Must find Moby wrap. What color? Too many choices… I need something generally neutral. Black might get too hot, white might get too dirty, colors are a little bit gaudy (or do I love them?). WHY DOES NOBODY MAKE MY IDEAL GRAY FABRIC?!

– Baby will sleep in a playard. Check. Mom will pick out a good one. Will it be gray? I hope it’s gray. I want it to be gray. Thank heavens they make one in gray. Should I get a better one and sacrifice it being gray? Should I tell her that it is VITAL that the playard is gray? She can choose wisely, right? Maybe she’ll know other features that are more important than it being gray. Are there features that take precedence over the color gray?

Forgive me if my posting continues to be sparse; I might be checked into a psych ward shortly…

I am kind of in love with this tank.

Unfortunately, my impatience/need for instant gratification/current bodily state is preventing me from getting it.

A moment of silence please.

I have had the same frames since my sophomore/junior year of high school.

i.e. around 7-9 years.

And I’m thinking that maybe this year I’ll want to get some new ones (but then there’s the saying: don’t fix what ain’t broke). I just want some that feel a little more now… I don’t even know if I’m venturing to get something VERY different from what I have.

But I’m liking the vintage looks of Warby Parker. My current favorites are the Zagg and the Roosevelt. Maybe.

What do you think?

You know the phrase “the early bird gets the worm”? Well, in this case, the early bird is out and the night owl is in.

Remember the crown that I wanted REALLY bad from Paloma’s Nest?! Well, Zulily had a deal that for $20 you get $40 worth of goodies from Paloma’s Nest. Naturally, I jumped on it. However, now I have to figure out what to do with the spare change….

*In case you’re wondering, I justified this because I think it’s the PERFECT crown for the Royal Baby. True, no?

I think I need this:

Umm… Hi. I had a Royal Wedding….

I’ve been having an issue with HATING all baby clothes. Which made finding out that the baby is a boy (oh ps I’m growing a baby) a little bit of a bummer since I couldn’t even celebrate by buying anything. Then, Zulily sent me these… And I fell in love. Tokidoki?! Yes please.

Brad said, ” I like the mohawk baby one.” Check. Purchased.

That one sold out in bigger sizes REALLY fast so I ordered a larger one that the punk can wear (hopefully) for a longer time… and got this cool weird eighties dude with laser beam sunglass eyes…

I’m very pleased with this purchase.

Signing up for Zulily is a gift. You should do it too.

Embarrassing Confession #1: Since Brad went out of town, I decided to watch Twilight Eclipse. I must admit that I was disappointed. It wasn’t as funny as the first two. Instead, it was kind of gag me awkward. But Alice is so cute.

Embarrassing Confession #2: Now I want to read the Twilight books. I’ve heard they’re an enjoyable read, and my co-workers all recommended them. So, I downloaded it onto an adobe reader thing (did you know you can “check out” electronic copies of books from the library for two weeks?! no late fees and I don’t even have to get dressed!).

Lest you think that I initiated this letter to admit my embarrassing facts to my techie friends, here’s the moral of the story:

I am 9 pages into the online book, and I have made a decision. I think I would love an e-reader.

{Side note: Embarrassing Confession #3: This all started when Daryl bought one on the Office. It just looked so convenient to read anything anywhere with one little boople.}

Regardless, I realized that when I read, I enjoy the following situation: listening to music that complements my reading while reading. Sometimes I read in silence, but my ADD self can pay better attention to reading if a distraction is already built into the experience, thereby blocking out other distractions. Plus, who runs on a treadmill/works out at the gym/uses an elliptical/rides a bike without listening to music?! Right. There must be auditory distraction from running.

Therefore, my question is:

Is there an e-reader/iPod combo? Something that can be used to read a lot of stuff and also simultaneously listen to music? Basically, if the Kindle and the iPod had a baby, I want to own their baby.

Does this exist?!

At work, we recently got a new pair of Jessica Simpson shoes that mesmerized me – I literally wanted to stop working to just stare at them all day.

They’re just the basic Jessica pump, but it’s the COLOR that is amazing. It’s a pearlized nude that is a perfect ballet nude/pink/blush/cream combo with the tiniest shimmer to it. It reminds me of the shoe version of Stila’s Kitten (which is an amazing eyeshadow):

In addition to wanting to own these shoes, I also wanted to crash a prom in these shoes and a tutu ballerina inspired cupcake dress… similar to:

This awesome D&G skirt from Fall 2009.

This Junk Gypsies Pettiskirt (perhaps in a different color)

Betsey Johnson’s 68th Birthday Dress (perhaps in a different color as well)

In my mind’s eye, this dress is cream… because I have an odd obsession with cream/white dresses. Plus, the shoes would look KILLER with a cream or white dress.

Alternatively, I’d also like to dress up like this:

mmmm…. D&G Spring 2010… the girly ruffles and the western details…

V-Day Love has officially ended. Sad Days (but happy that now I can start pretending/hoping/imagining that it’s spring).

Just a collection of hearts… something that can and should be worn year round.

Did you see these? Awesome.

I want to add heart patches to all of my striped clothing.

I ordered this ring for myself as a gift.(All I asked Brad for was a signed 8×10 of Jimmer Fredette, but that hasn’t happened yet…  keep your fingers crossed that I get it late!!)

How did I not know about this/buy this?!


A stolen photo of Britt’s amazing sheets (one day, I will make some too).


And lest we forget, the anatomical heart plush. I love this version of the heart too.


{Side note: While in London, I visited an exhibit on the heart which was probably one of the most fascinating things I have ever seen… except we spent WAY too much time in the first half (which was mostly about early surgery techniques and tools) and not enough in the second half that actually explored the heart as a symbol, an organ, and a significant aspect of all cultures… the moral is… I love hearts. In more ways than one.}

{Personally, I think I’m pretty good at party/date planning. So, in honor of one of my favorite holidays, I’ll be posting Valentine’s Day date/party ideas this week.}

camping date, campfire date, camp party, cute camping{L-R, top to bottom | Images from: Shiny Red Houses, Baking Bites, Try Handmade Gallery, The Veggie-Full Kitchen, Laura Rebecca’s Kitchen, P Base, Traveler Incaqueen,, Simplicity Photography – ghetto photoshopping by me to make it look like we’re camping}

Here’s the lowdown: This would make a great group gathering and/or date – just switch up a few of the details to change it from one to the other.

My plan: Campfires are romantic without being in your face about it. Eat tin foil dinners (love them), drink cocoa, have cobbler, roast s’mores, share a blanket.

{See the details in the rest of the post}

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In December, I received an email informing me of a site called JewelMint in which the jewelry is designed by Kate Bosworth and celebrity stylist Cher Coulter.

The idea behind the site is pretty cool.  It starts with a style quiz (I LOVE style quizzes), then they pick designs based on your results. It takes a little bit of tweaking (“show me more” items, adding those that you like, closing the ones you don’t) for them to pinpoint your style.  This morning, they showed me their picks for me in my “showroom”. The number one pick? The rings in the center (which I LOVE).

Each month, you can choose to purchase a sexy addition to your accessories drawer or skip the month!

This month, there are three items that I’m LOVING… (I also love hearts apparently)

The Sweetheart Ring, The Desire Rings, and the Mosiac Dream Necklace.

They all cost the same price ($30) as does all the jewelry on the site (and there are LOTS of different styles to choose from; these ones are just TOTALLY me).

So help a sister out: Which one(s) do you like the best?

(And guys, quick hint: they have LOTS of stuff that would make GREAT Valentine’s Day gifts. And if she doesn’t like it, returns are easy, and she can choose something else. The best part? No weird price differences if she chooses a different one since they’re all the same!)

A Teaser:

{A peek at next week’s blog posts: outfits for V-Day Love. We all know I LOVE V-Day Love, and we all know I LOVE getting dressed.}


The Tip: How-To Sundance Film Festival

Today started my second year of volunteering at the festival (which I LOVE – hands down the best part about living in Utah. No, second best. The first is working for Angie). A co-worker asked me how to do that.  Not a dumb question. To be honest, I had no idea how to Sundance until I volunteered.

The Sundance Institute throws this killer event each January, and the Film Festival puts up an awesome guide of all the movies onlineThings to note about choosing movies:

  • There are no ratings. Also, many movies push boundaries.
  • That being said – they are really awesome.
  • When a movie says “sexual”, it means it’s PRETTY SEXUAL. And “extremely violent” isn’t your normal violence, it’s usually beyond any other gore you’ve ever seen. There are key words that can mean certain things (like “coming of age” usually implies a sex scene, and graphic really does mean graphic) – I would go with my gut if screening for a younger audience.
  • Documentary does not equal crappy movie they show you in school. Last year I only saw documentaries and enjoyed all of them.

There is an awesome schedule up online as well. You can search it by city (Park City, Sundance Resort, Salt Lake City, or Ogden).

{City Side Note: If you want the vibe and excitement of the festival, Park City is the place to go. If you want a city experience like a movie theatre, Salt Lake has you covered. If you’d like a calmer ambiance with awesome scenery, hit up Sundance Resort. To be honest, I can’t account for Ogden since I’ve never ventured that far north for the festival.}

So, now that you know what you want to see, how do you get tickets? At this point, you have two options: individual tickets at a box office or waitlist.

Wait, what does this mean?! I will tell you.

Box Offices are located throughout the festival and tickets can be purchased in advance at these locations. Many shows are “sold out” of advance tickets, so finding a box office doesn’t necessarily guarantee you get in.  But, buying tickets at a box office does. 😉

The waitlist seems intimidating at first, but it’s not. To waitlist a movie, arrive 2 hours before the scheduled time (or 1 hour early for the first showing of the day). A kind volunteer can guide you to the waitlist line, where you will receive a waitlist number (each person can only get ONE number, so make sure everyone in your party is there).  You leave for an hour and a half to do whatever you want. 30 minutes prior to the show, you return to the theatre and line up according to number. Tickets are sold to the waitlist ($15, CASH ONLY) as theatre space allows. Often, volunteers can give you a rough guess of if it’s worth the wait (a number 50 usually means you’re out, but at some theatres, a 10 means you’re out as well).

Personal tips (not approved by anyone in the world, just random thoughts I would tell you if we were chatting over a hot dog):

  • Wear layers. Some theatres are cold while others are warm. PS it’s cold outside.
  • Bring a water bottle. And snacks.
  • Ask a volunteer. If you have questions, they are there to helpful. Even better, there’s a new volunteer position called a Festival Insider (people who know the ins and outs of the festival – ours is a volunteer of like, forever).  They have “Ask Me” buttons on and can share with you valuable information about almost anything.
  • Don’t cut it too close. You’ll turn into a stress case (like me).
  • Plan extra time for shuttles and walking and finding the shuttles. A shuttle ride generally takes about 30 minutes to go even the shortest distances. You can also walk but it’s FREEZING.
  • Carpool so you can save on parking.
  • Check out the map. And ride the free shuttles. The volunteers at each stop will help you get on the right bus.
  • Park City also has awesome art exhibits and such at New Frontier. Check them out. They’re pretty cool.
  • And a personal plug for the Sundance Resort: If you want to get in on the waitlist, chances are pretty good if you get to the Sundance Resort 2 hours early. That’s just enough time to eat at the Foundry Grill before seeing your movie.

Good luck! Let me know how it goes. Or if you have any other tips, please leave them in the comments!

I already LOVE the tights at We Love Colors (great colors, great quality – seriously, they’re the only tights that have survived MANY wears for more than one season – I’m rough on my tights).

Now they have a collaboration with Spill and the tights are TO DIE FOR.

Boom! For Real Tights – a homage to Jean Michel Basquiat (last year at Sundance I saw a fascinating documentary on him)

How can you not love the purple tights?! Especially when paired with those red shoes?!

Bits of Love Black Striped Knee Highs – come in MANY colors.

This is my favorite patch easily (besides the tights, but the socks are like 1/2 the cost of the tights, sigh).I think this will be my Valentine’s Day present – help me choose a color PLEASE!!!

Love Creatures Black Striped Knee Highs

Love Patch Black Striped Knee Highs

See how AWESOME the patch detail is?

Spill Doodle Socks


In a perfect world, I’d have a spare $50 to spend right now and I’d get these two pairs… And then all my friends and family would pitch in to buy me the rest. 😉

So HELP ME…. What color should I get the Socks in?! They’re always black striped and my gut wants me to go with white or gray…. (or do I just splurge and get the tights?)

I’m pretty excited about the William Rast collection for Target. I hope that the details look awesome instead of cheap.

I saw this commercial tonight on tv, and it made me want it even more.

things I’m currently craving:

– road trips

– adventures

– travels

– warm/cool sun – not hot, not cold, just generic warmth

– grunge

– cultural/ethnic/western pieces

– central american and native american influences

“Some [get] no further than accumulating these verbal snapshots. . . in the early, rough-draft stages, there are few things more pleasurable than bringing up a memory and transcribing it directly, like a wide-awake dream.” - Philip Lopate

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