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fall 2011
fall 2011 by horito featuring a wool tunic

Harry Potter, rustic influences, tartan plaids.

astronomy and stars (and maybe navy blue), Native American jewelry and bears, dolman sleeved tees in semi-tribal prints, Mexican blankets.

the idea of a bonfire with stories and legends.

Advertisements puts together some awesome boards. I love the color of these. Add some black and I’ll move in!

Due to the release of Harry Potter 7-2 during my pregnancy month 7, week 2, I have cause to reflect on something that has always pestered me: change. As long as I can remember, I have had ridiculous anxiety over the idea of changes: my first year of middle school proved to be stress-ridden (for both me and my mother), my switchover to high school left a pit in my stomach, and the transition into college was rough to say the least.

In conjunction with my aversion to change, I also have an issue with things ending. However, this feeling is more complicated. I love the feeling of completion, yet hate the feeling of ending. I was excited to complete my high school career, but devastated that the particular chapter of my life had close. I love completing the reading of a book, but sad to see the story end.

Of course, we all know what today is: the release of the final Harry Potter film. Thinking about this gives me a slight bit of anxiety. I have anxiously awaited the arrival of each book and subsequent film. Each time a story ended, I was anxious to find out what would happen in the next one (much like the feeling that always seems to arise at the end of an episode of 24 – except the next book would be absolutely lovely and satisfying, unlike that let down that accompanies the 24 episodes). Each film ending made me anticipate the release of the next.

Yet now, the end will actually be the end. We’ve grown up with Harry Potter and crew. Remember when they were all just wee children? And the first Harry Potter movie was so much lighter, and it feels younger… because we were younger as well.

Little did we know back then that one day, Daniel Radcliffe would show off his goods. That
Emma Watson would become a lovely style icon. That Tom Felton would turn out to be quite the looker.That Richard Harris would not be with us through more than two films.

And now, it will all come to a close.

Naturally, the release of this movie snuck up on me (since with my current state of anxiety, this isn’t difficult to do). I haven’t even purchased tickets to see it, let alone decided on a date to see it. I feel like after all the years of anticipation and excitement, my current level of excitement is much to lackluster to merit the viewing of this film. In addition, I’m not quite sure I’m ready for this saga to end.

Now what will I obsess over and anticipate and get excited about? I didn’t even make plans to dress up (Snape was my choice since I think he is the unsung hero of the series – and since I look just like him if I skip washing my hair for a few days). How can I let this opportunity slip away? What will I now find as a new obsession?

Of course, my current state of elf-growing is also a cause to shudder at the thought of change and ending. All I can think of is the countdown until Brad gets home and then the countdown until the baby is out of my belly and then the countdown until I’ve recovered from the removal of said baby and then the countdown until I can start working out/eating less/getting rid of the extra baggage I am now so blessed to carry around. Unfortunately, I can’t just be satisfied with the completion of these waiting periods since I have made lengthy to-do lists that are not even a fraction of the way completed (isn’t that the way I go through life?). All I can think of is a wish for more time to accomplish the aforementioned tasks. But then my waiting becomes longer. But my wait time/project accomplishing window will end. And things will change. And new things will begin.

Although I don’t love my current state of semi-singleness, nor my state of impregnated-ness, I also don’t love the idea of it ending prior to my checklist being properly checked off. And isn’t it so sad that I spend my days counting down until the completion of something only to find that it has ended and I missed it and now I have to change and it will never be the same?

It’s like my little brother. I remember him as a baby. And a toddler. And how he’d open the door to my room at night when he was scared. I’d wake up to the silent sound of the door being opened. I’d pull out the trundle and let him sleep there. When he was 7, I left for college. And sometime since then, he blew up into this giant person.

Seriously?! When/how did that happen?! And now I’m going to have my own little baby. And knowing my luck, I’ll blink, and the baby will have grown into a giant person, just like my brother did. And because I’ve spent my time in countdowns and completions and avoiding change, I’ll miss the entire thing. And just like Harry Potter, it will sneak up on me without the proper amounts of excitement and anticipation.


I’ve started a new addiction (well a couple, but we’re referring to this one specifically): pinning. I finally decided to join Pinterest because I realized it is a place online to store all the pictures that I keep on adding to folders on my computer (which, if you haven’t heard, has suffered a minor hiccup). I figured, why take up space on MY hard drive when the internet can store them all for me? AND it’s so much easier to organize than my having to constantly save things? AND they lay all these things out so pretty…

In addition to pinning, I’ve started a search for a diaper bag… I saw some of the Petunia bags at Nordstroms a month ago and decided that they just weren’t exactly what I wanted. Then, a friend pinned this style on Pinterest and I found the blue one and fell in love.At 1/3 the cost of the Petunia bag, my wallet fell in love too. Of course, I found another option that costs just as much in yummy black leather, but I’m trying to be a little bit practical… extra $200 towards diaper bag, or $200 towards new point and shoot?

I would like to be the girl in this photo:

  • sunny surroundings
  • pretty plants
  • and most importantly: awesome yellow maxi dress

I think I want to live in maxi dresses all summer… so someone explain why my recent shopping trip consisted of me buying pants and tops?!

photo found via here

I think I need this:

Umm… Hi. I had a Royal Wedding….

I spend a ridiculous amount of time looking for a template that I actually like… It would probably be faster to just Polyvore without the template and/or make my own template… but something about finding a template and drag and dropping… I just love it.

moody forest


This quite possibly could be my favorite set: Emma Watson, Clarks, that sexy Rag & Bone sweater, Moleskine, more trees, and a JMW Turner painting?! Yes my friends, I think I’ve found what Heaven looks like.

Seriously, I’ve usurped all my free time. Between Polyvore and March Madness, it’s amazing that I have time to go to work. Or sleep. Or eat.

a treehouse

That’s my treehouse I want to sleep in during my Washington trip, and the bottom has huckleberries that I want to pick and eat.

Did you know that Polyvore has TEMPLATES?!

Oh yes, they do. And so, I quickly threw together my first templated Polyvore set…

fidgeting with templates - nick adams inspired


Spare time? Highly unlikely…

Remember how I’m obsessed with sleeping in a tent in Washington? And how apparently the word for what I’m craving is “spring”?!

a little bit moody

a little bit moody by horito featuring leather tote bags


Well, of course, that caused me to browse for some outfits… I went for more of a mood board than an outfit board, but it basically sums up how I feel…  I’m really loving hunter/olive green and navy right now.

Perhaps it’s my semi-embarrassing choice in reading material lately, but all I want to listen to is classical music. On a piano. With a serene feeling.

Like this.

I’ve also been dreaming about summer. Or spring. Or just having things growing and not seeing dead branches outside every day.

If my wedding were, say, in three months, instead of three years ago, I’m 100% certain that this would be my wedding dress.

Alternatively, if I had a grand just lying around, I would buy it just because and wear it as often as possible.

So pretty… I love all the details and the understated ruffles and the white…. AND it’s called “blackberry jam” – how cute is that?!

{Once Wed via Wiley Valentine}

I’m pretty excited about the William Rast collection for Target. I hope that the details look awesome instead of cheap.

I saw this commercial tonight on tv, and it made me want it even more.

things I’m currently craving:

– road trips

– adventures

– travels

– warm/cool sun – not hot, not cold, just generic warmth

– grunge

– cultural/ethnic/western pieces

– central american and native american influences

I’m still obsessed with Emma Watson (and I still have more Hermione inspired posts…).

I found this picture while searching for pictures/articles about her style:

This inspired two things: my obsession with travel, and my obsession with stuff.

Part one: We’ll tackle the latter first.

In this article that accompanied the first image, the author writes this profound statement:

“There are a few luxe items in which every fashionable woman should invest: a great handbag, an elegant timepiece and a timeless Burberry trench coat.”

This led me to a LONG search for a handbag for Christmas.  Instead of splurging on this one, I kept it conservative and will most likely be getting this one for 1/4 the cost.  ::sigh:: Oh recession. ;(

(don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the second purse as well… however just saying that makes me second guess myself)

Part two: In which we explore my obsession with travel.

Not only am I obsessed with traveling (which I do very little of as of late), but I am mostly obsessed with things related to traveling.  For example, I LOVE packing. To pack the contents of a well thought-out suitcase, I will set out my outfits three days prior and add to/subtract from the selections about twice a day.  I usually try to narrow it down a lot so as to not over pack, and I pride myself on my ability to do this.  (I’m also tempted to buy one of these.)

I also enjoy reading travel tips and packing tips, etc. And, of course, airport/traveling fashion.  When I went to London, I spent HOURS researching good ideas for airplane outfits that were not dowdy yet were still comfortable (my days of pjs and sweats on the plane have apparently passed). I ended up with a v neck American Apparel T, some stretch jeans?, a jacket, and a blanket? Yeah, I can’t really remember.

And so, I looked up images of other famous people and their airport outfits – they’ve got to be on top of their game regardless of the length of flight, and I absolutely love it.

(This outfit is definitely not practical – could you imagine having to take off OTK boots to go through security?!)

Perhaps this week I will treat you to my travel-inspired posts… if work and work don’t kill me first….

Dear Santa,

on the balcony at grandpa's farm in idaho

I know it’s a little bit early to start writing Christmas letters, but it feels right in my heart so I’m doing it. Last year, I had some pretty specific wants (which, by the way, thanks for the scarf and for the red dress going on sale after Christmas), and although I have some certain items in mind for this year (a couple of dresses, a new digital camera, pretty clothes and accessories, a tv for Brad, and lots and lots of shoes), I think what I really need is some direction.

You know, where to go next, what to do after that, which passions to follow. Should I go to grad school for medical anthropology and possibly be a pilates instructor? Or should I study for the MCAT so I can apply to D.O. school? Or what about the fashion design programs that are popping up all over? And graphic design? I haven’t forgotten about that one either. My brain is divided into a million pieces, and I’m curious where they all will land.

Maybe what I’m asking for is a fortune teller, but seriously, I could use your help.


“Some [get] no further than accumulating these verbal snapshots. . . in the early, rough-draft stages, there are few things more pleasurable than bringing up a memory and transcribing it directly, like a wide-awake dream.” - Philip Lopate

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