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Remember back when I used to blog? Me too.

Pregnancy crazy brain has taken on a new OCD form called “what I need to buy for my baby: go over the list about 1000x before going to sleep at night”.

So instead of sleeping, I try to decide what I want/need to buy.

a baby



For example:

– I want the Timi and Leslie Dawn diaper bag in Cloud Blue. Am I sure I don’t want it in black? Which will I like better? Do I need to get the cute mini as well?

– What “essentials” do I really need? I want a trash can with a lid for sure, and probably a thermometer because I see crazy brain’s next obsession being “is my baby sick/he feels a little hot”, and bottles seem like a general use, not to mention diapers (oh how I dread the thought of buying them already). Do I want a pump? Which pump is the best? Which diaper butt cream is the best? Am I missing essential items that I need/want?

– Will I find a glider on KSL for super cheap that I can cover in a gray fabric? Will I find a gray fabric? WHY DOES NOBODY MAKE MY IDEAL GRAY FABRIC?!

– Am I missing any books for my “now there’s a kid outside of me, what the freak do I do now?” library? Isn’t there an encyclopedia of new mom-hood that can teach me to breastfeed and read my baby’s mind?

– Must find Moby wrap. What color? Too many choices… I need something generally neutral. Black might get too hot, white might get too dirty, colors are a little bit gaudy (or do I love them?). WHY DOES NOBODY MAKE MY IDEAL GRAY FABRIC?!

– Baby will sleep in a playard. Check. Mom will pick out a good one. Will it be gray? I hope it’s gray. I want it to be gray. Thank heavens they make one in gray. Should I get a better one and sacrifice it being gray? Should I tell her that it is VITAL that the playard is gray? She can choose wisely, right? Maybe she’ll know other features that are more important than it being gray. Are there features that take precedence over the color gray?

Forgive me if my posting continues to be sparse; I might be checked into a psych ward shortly…


I’ve started a new addiction (well a couple, but we’re referring to this one specifically): pinning. I finally decided to join Pinterest because I realized it is a place online to store all the pictures that I keep on adding to folders on my computer (which, if you haven’t heard, has suffered a minor hiccup). I figured, why take up space on MY hard drive when the internet can store them all for me? AND it’s so much easier to organize than my having to constantly save things? AND they lay all these things out so pretty…

In addition to pinning, I’ve started a search for a diaper bag… I saw some of the Petunia bags at Nordstroms a month ago and decided that they just weren’t exactly what I wanted. Then, a friend pinned this style on Pinterest and I found the blue one and fell in love.At 1/3 the cost of the Petunia bag, my wallet fell in love too. Of course, I found another option that costs just as much in yummy black leather, but I’m trying to be a little bit practical… extra $200 towards diaper bag, or $200 towards new point and shoot?

“Some [get] no further than accumulating these verbal snapshots. . . in the early, rough-draft stages, there are few things more pleasurable than bringing up a memory and transcribing it directly, like a wide-awake dream.” - Philip Lopate

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