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This morning, I woke up yearning for fall.

Maybe it’s because I woke up early enough for it to be a little bit gloomy outside.

Maybe it’s because in the fall, I’ll be out of this state of alien-ness.

Maybe it’s because Brad (and baby) will be here.

Maybe it’s because fall brings cooler weather (which I’m sure I won’t be DYING for like I am now).

Maybe it’s because I always feel all back-to-school-y when August comes around regardless of my academic status.

Or maybe it’s because I’m dying for this sweater…

fall 2011

Spent the morning staring at Toast.

Too many pretties to be wanted.

I’ve started a new addiction (well a couple, but we’re referring to this one specifically): pinning. I finally decided to join Pinterest because I realized it is a place online to store all the pictures that I keep on adding to folders on my computer (which, if you haven’t heard, has suffered a minor hiccup). I figured, why take up space on MY hard drive when the internet can store them all for me? AND it’s so much easier to organize than my having to constantly save things? AND they lay all these things out so pretty…

In addition to pinning, I’ve started a search for a diaper bag… I saw some of the Petunia bags at Nordstroms a month ago and decided that they just weren’t exactly what I wanted. Then, a friend pinned this style on Pinterest and I found the blue one and fell in love.At 1/3 the cost of the Petunia bag, my wallet fell in love too. Of course, I found another option that costs just as much in yummy black leather, but I’m trying to be a little bit practical… extra $200 towards diaper bag, or $200 towards new point and shoot?

I would like to be the girl in this photo:

  • sunny surroundings
  • pretty plants
  • and most importantly: awesome yellow maxi dress

I think I want to live in maxi dresses all summer… so someone explain why my recent shopping trip consisted of me buying pants and tops?!

photo found via here

Of course, my obsession with the idea of being the model girlfriend of a rockstar led to my favorite guilty pleasure: Rock of Love. I realized that I either hadn’t seen the first season or I didn’t remember the first season, but luckily Hulu hooked me up.

Is this embarrassing? Maybe. But it’s not as bad as my other guilty pleasure: Glee. I don’t even know if I’d call that pleasure, perhaps it’s more of a masochistic practice that results from extreme boredom and a need for painful entertainment (enter train wreck comparison and not being able to look away blah blah blah).

Anyways, to make a long story short – this whole thing reminded me that I totally think Jes is hot.

Isn’t she awesome? And I love the way it turns out, with Bret picking her, and her shooting him down and telling him that he should have chose Heather (who I LOVE in future seasons).

I need to get my hair done.

I spend a ridiculous amount of time looking for a template that I actually like… It would probably be faster to just Polyvore without the template and/or make my own template… but something about finding a template and drag and dropping… I just love it.

moody forest


This quite possibly could be my favorite set: Emma Watson, Clarks, that sexy Rag & Bone sweater, Moleskine, more trees, and a JMW Turner painting?! Yes my friends, I think I’ve found what Heaven looks like.

Seriously, I’ve usurped all my free time. Between Polyvore and March Madness, it’s amazing that I have time to go to work. Or sleep. Or eat.

a treehouse

That’s my treehouse I want to sleep in during my Washington trip, and the bottom has huckleberries that I want to pick and eat.

Of course not! There’s a whole SLEW of new finds…

au natural

I’m dying for wildflowers, flowing dresses, and pretty paintings.


Happy St. P day.

Did you know that Polyvore has TEMPLATES?!

Oh yes, they do. And so, I quickly threw together my first templated Polyvore set…

fidgeting with templates - nick adams inspired


Spare time? Highly unlikely…

Remember how I’m obsessed with sleeping in a tent in Washington? And how apparently the word for what I’m craving is “spring”?!

a little bit moody

a little bit moody by horito featuring leather tote bags


Well, of course, that caused me to browse for some outfits… I went for more of a mood board than an outfit board, but it basically sums up how I feel…  I’m really loving hunter/olive green and navy right now.

V-Day Love has officially ended. Sad Days (but happy that now I can start pretending/hoping/imagining that it’s spring).

Just a collection of hearts… something that can and should be worn year round.

Did you see these? Awesome.

I want to add heart patches to all of my striped clothing.

I ordered this ring for myself as a gift.(All I asked Brad for was a signed 8×10 of Jimmer Fredette, but that hasn’t happened yet…  keep your fingers crossed that I get it late!!)

How did I not know about this/buy this?!


A stolen photo of Britt’s amazing sheets (one day, I will make some too).


And lest we forget, the anatomical heart plush. I love this version of the heart too.


{Side note: While in London, I visited an exhibit on the heart which was probably one of the most fascinating things I have ever seen… except we spent WAY too much time in the first half (which was mostly about early surgery techniques and tools) and not enough in the second half that actually explored the heart as a symbol, an organ, and a significant aspect of all cultures… the moral is… I love hearts. In more ways than one.}

Rockstar Valentine's Day

Rockstar Valentine’s Day by horito featuring a snake necklace

This outfit springboard-ed from the Kate Spade styling in the corner. Then I added the sexiest tights in the world (and some red suede shoes like the ones they styled them with). Naturally, my giant red heart purse came into play, and the next thing I knew, I had created an outfit so paparazzi worthy that even the tabloids can’t contain its awesomeness.

I already LOVE the tights at We Love Colors (great colors, great quality – seriously, they’re the only tights that have survived MANY wears for more than one season – I’m rough on my tights).

Now they have a collaboration with Spill and the tights are TO DIE FOR.

Boom! For Real Tights – a homage to Jean Michel Basquiat (last year at Sundance I saw a fascinating documentary on him)

How can you not love the purple tights?! Especially when paired with those red shoes?!

Bits of Love Black Striped Knee Highs – come in MANY colors.

This is my favorite patch easily (besides the tights, but the socks are like 1/2 the cost of the tights, sigh).I think this will be my Valentine’s Day present – help me choose a color PLEASE!!!

Love Creatures Black Striped Knee Highs

Love Patch Black Striped Knee Highs

See how AWESOME the patch detail is?

Spill Doodle Socks


In a perfect world, I’d have a spare $50 to spend right now and I’d get these two pairs… And then all my friends and family would pitch in to buy me the rest. 😉

So HELP ME…. What color should I get the Socks in?! They’re always black striped and my gut wants me to go with white or gray…. (or do I just splurge and get the tights?)

If my wedding were, say, in three months, instead of three years ago, I’m 100% certain that this would be my wedding dress.

Alternatively, if I had a grand just lying around, I would buy it just because and wear it as often as possible.

So pretty… I love all the details and the understated ruffles and the white…. AND it’s called “blackberry jam” – how cute is that?!

{Once Wed via Wiley Valentine}

“Some [get] no further than accumulating these verbal snapshots. . . in the early, rough-draft stages, there are few things more pleasurable than bringing up a memory and transcribing it directly, like a wide-awake dream.” - Philip Lopate

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