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V-Day Love has officially ended. Sad Days (but happy that now I can start pretending/hoping/imagining that it’s spring).

Just a collection of hearts… something that can and should be worn year round.

Did you see these? Awesome.

I want to add heart patches to all of my striped clothing.

I ordered this ring for myself as a gift.(All I asked Brad for was a signed 8×10 of Jimmer Fredette, but that hasn’t happened yet…  keep your fingers crossed that I get it late!!)

How did I not know about this/buy this?!


A stolen photo of Britt’s amazing sheets (one day, I will make some too).


And lest we forget, the anatomical heart plush. I love this version of the heart too.


{Side note: While in London, I visited an exhibit on the heart which was probably one of the most fascinating things I have ever seen… except we spent WAY too much time in the first half (which was mostly about early surgery techniques and tools) and not enough in the second half that actually explored the heart as a symbol, an organ, and a significant aspect of all cultures… the moral is… I love hearts. In more ways than one.}


This party is inspired by the Valentine’s Day parties of yesteryear: schoolyard days, valentine mailboxes, chalkboards (oh yes friends, remember how we had chalkboards in school, not whiteboards?), homemade treats, and of course, school lunch.

valentine's day elementary school party, school party, valentine's day party{L-R, top to bottom: Thoughtfully Simple, We Love Laugh Kiss, Idea Sandbox, Dollar Tree, Big Sis Lil Sis, Disney Family Fun,, Your Homebased Mom}

Cute invites, a chalkboard photo booth, school lunches, valentine mailboxes, potluck treats, and plenty of valentines will make this party an A+.

See how here….

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This Lovers’ Breakfast is a simple, laid back but cute way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  The best part is that you don’t even have to do it in the morning! Have an evening time pajama party. I love breakfast at any time of day.  In fact, for five years I had a waffles and strawberries Valentine’s Day party in the evening!

valentine's day breakfast, valentine's day brunch, red breakfast, valentine's day party{L-R, top to bottom: Elite Wedding Looks, a random Japanese site found via google search, The Lettered Cottage, The Married Folk, Ice Cream USA, Kids Stuff World, Clker, Ikea, Victoria’s Secret}

The general plan: eat breakfast, wear your pjs, relax. The styling is the key to keep it from looking like “oh crap it’s Valentine’s Day what do I do now.” A few details will ensure that this was an actual plan and not a last ditch effort.

See the rest of the genius details here

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{Personally, I think I’m pretty good at party/date planning. So, in honor of one of my favorite holidays, I’ll be posting Valentine’s Day date/party ideas this week.}

camping date, campfire date, camp party, cute camping{L-R, top to bottom | Images from: Shiny Red Houses, Baking Bites, Try Handmade Gallery, The Veggie-Full Kitchen, Laura Rebecca’s Kitchen, P Base, Traveler Incaqueen,, Simplicity Photography – ghetto photoshopping by me to make it look like we’re camping}

Here’s the lowdown: This would make a great group gathering and/or date – just switch up a few of the details to change it from one to the other.

My plan: Campfires are romantic without being in your face about it. Eat tin foil dinners (love them), drink cocoa, have cobbler, roast s’mores, share a blanket.

{See the details in the rest of the post}

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In December, I received an email informing me of a site called JewelMint in which the jewelry is designed by Kate Bosworth and celebrity stylist Cher Coulter.

The idea behind the site is pretty cool.  It starts with a style quiz (I LOVE style quizzes), then they pick designs based on your results. It takes a little bit of tweaking (“show me more” items, adding those that you like, closing the ones you don’t) for them to pinpoint your style.  This morning, they showed me their picks for me in my “showroom”. The number one pick? The rings in the center (which I LOVE).

Each month, you can choose to purchase a sexy addition to your accessories drawer or skip the month!

This month, there are three items that I’m LOVING… (I also love hearts apparently)

The Sweetheart Ring, The Desire Rings, and the Mosiac Dream Necklace.

They all cost the same price ($30) as does all the jewelry on the site (and there are LOTS of different styles to choose from; these ones are just TOTALLY me).

So help a sister out: Which one(s) do you like the best?

(And guys, quick hint: they have LOTS of stuff that would make GREAT Valentine’s Day gifts. And if she doesn’t like it, returns are easy, and she can choose something else. The best part? No weird price differences if she chooses a different one since they’re all the same!)

Wicked Valentine's Day

Wicked Valentine’s Day by horito featuring zipper jeans

Inspired by ruby red slippers, the wicked witch of the east, and those socks I’m pining for.  I’m still coveting those Cake by Petunia Pickle Bottom bags.

This could very well end up being {one of} my V-Day Love outfit{s} – perfect for Chinese take-out and the NBA Slam Dunk contest.

Blackboard Valentine's Day

Blackboard Valentine’s Day by horito featuring shell tops

An outfit for those who are not so inclined to wear red or pink on V-Day Love. Not too saccharine sweet, but still dressed up. The shoes – PAYLESS!! I seriously love them. I like the pops of red, and you can never go wrong with a poppy from Emersonmade.

Inspired by Kate Spade (again) and spun into a preppy vibe.

Sweet and Warm Valentine's Day

Sweet and Warm Valentine’s Day by horito featuring lace up shoes


The inspiration for this outfit came from where I WISH I was spending V-Day: somewhere warm and sunny. Lots of flow and ease.

Alternatively, for those of us not in a tropical paradise, alternative shoe and bag options are on the right to adapt the outfit to our less appealing climates.

Rockstar Valentine's Day

Rockstar Valentine’s Day by horito featuring a snake necklace

This outfit springboard-ed from the Kate Spade styling in the corner. Then I added the sexiest tights in the world (and some red suede shoes like the ones they styled them with). Naturally, my giant red heart purse came into play, and the next thing I knew, I had created an outfit so paparazzi worthy that even the tabloids can’t contain its awesomeness.

Girly Valentine's Day

Girly Valentine’s Day by horito featuring stone jewelry

This first set features the dress I was drooling over. I thought of Kate Spade and Zooey Deschanel exploding together in a petri dish and this is what happened.

Love me some red tights and some white dress.

I already LOVE the tights at We Love Colors (great colors, great quality – seriously, they’re the only tights that have survived MANY wears for more than one season – I’m rough on my tights).

Now they have a collaboration with Spill and the tights are TO DIE FOR.

Boom! For Real Tights – a homage to Jean Michel Basquiat (last year at Sundance I saw a fascinating documentary on him)

How can you not love the purple tights?! Especially when paired with those red shoes?!

Bits of Love Black Striped Knee Highs – come in MANY colors.

This is my favorite patch easily (besides the tights, but the socks are like 1/2 the cost of the tights, sigh).I think this will be my Valentine’s Day present – help me choose a color PLEASE!!!

Love Creatures Black Striped Knee Highs

Love Patch Black Striped Knee Highs

See how AWESOME the patch detail is?

Spill Doodle Socks


In a perfect world, I’d have a spare $50 to spend right now and I’d get these two pairs… And then all my friends and family would pitch in to buy me the rest. 😉

So HELP ME…. What color should I get the Socks in?! They’re always black striped and my gut wants me to go with white or gray…. (or do I just splurge and get the tights?)

While watching last night’s episode of Chuck – which, by the way, everyone should watch – there was a scene at the end with a dress that caught my eye.

me: I want that dress!

less than two mintues later

me: I have that dress!!

Hooray!! That’s right.  The Amarena Dress that I wanted went on sale and so I am a proud owner of it!

{photo from V-Day Love by Coryn}

Just thought you’d like to know how cool I am…

I know Valentine’s Day was yesterday, but with all the ACTUAL party plans going down, I never got to post my last party idea.  The thing I like the most about this one is that it can easily be adapted as a girls’ night in or a little date night.  It’s all about the details and having FUN.  And being a rockstar.  Because maybe that is my secret dream…

Trust me on the menu.  Britt and I researched for WEEKS when we were planning Brad and Avril’s pUnKRoCK b-dAY!!

Row 1 | super fun invitations from Oriental Trading; order in or make your own heart shaped pizza!!  image from Picasa album of Andy (thank you kind stranger?); you gotta have some sodas – image from cvcoffee.

Row 2 | play a little RockBand; give each other some awesome temporary tattoos like these by Ed Hardy at Michaels; give out cute sparkle earrings as favors like these from imyourpresent.

Another fun v-day love idea!!  Who says that Valentine’s Day is only for lovers?  One of my favorite things is to celebrate my friends and family – who I also love.

This is a party I would definitely love to have.  A nice cowgirl theme with bbq pork and root beers!!  And who hasn’t wanted to learn the little dance in Jessica Simpson’s music video for “These Boots were Made for Walkin'”?  So, invite all your cowgirl friends on over for some eatin and dancin and good old-fashioned girl time.

First Row: Ariat boots (these are my cowboy boots that I’d definitely be wearing to this little party); these cute valentines from PressaRussa would make perfect invites; some barbecue chicken sandwiches via simply de.lite.ful (Costco has a great chicken barbecue sandwich pack with everything you need to make delicious sandwiches).

Second Row: Jessica Simpson in her video (search youtube and you can find it easily!); image from junk gypsies (I love their vintage cowgirl dress ups); a galvanized bucket of beers from Utah Bride & Groom (I would substitute for root beer though).

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, so naturally, I’ve been planning all kinds of fun events in my head to celebrate. At one point in time, a friend told me that I should start a date planning service… He would pay me to plan cool dates for him to take girls on.  I never did it, but I still think I’ve got a knack for planning dates/mini-parties/gatherings of sorts.

This little date night was inspired by the donuts that Krispy Kremes is making in honor of Valentine’s Day!! They are super cute, and I LOVE donuts and hot cocoa.  So, how about a nice drive to somewhere pretty and snowy, then some donuts and cocoa on the trunk of the car (bundled up in plenty of blankets).  Then, the Valentine’s Day gift can be something not too mushy like these fingerless convertible mittens.

First Row: Krispy Kremes donut pic; “Silent Night” from Nick Adams Photography blog, fotoblog gumbo; Pylones mini thermos in white flower;
Second Row: Handmade Convertible Mittens from taevas; Cashmere Fingerless Flap Glove from PepperberryKnits; Mirror Image Convertible Mittens from DebzCreations;
Third Row: Orchid Thermos from Pylones; image from Salt Lake Magazine; more Krispy Kreme donut pics.

I’m totally bummed that Pylones doesn’t make the penguin thermos anymore; it was my favorite.  Oh, and that the mini thermos now costs more than the normal thermos used to (and to think I was holding out because it seemed too expensive).

There you have it.

“Some [get] no further than accumulating these verbal snapshots. . . in the early, rough-draft stages, there are few things more pleasurable than bringing up a memory and transcribing it directly, like a wide-awake dream.” - Philip Lopate

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