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This morning, I woke up yearning for fall.

Maybe it’s because I woke up early enough for it to be a little bit gloomy outside.

Maybe it’s because in the fall, I’ll be out of this state of alien-ness.

Maybe it’s because Brad (and baby) will be here.

Maybe it’s because fall brings cooler weather (which I’m sure I won’t be DYING for like I am now).

Maybe it’s because I always feel all back-to-school-y when August comes around regardless of my academic status.

Or maybe it’s because I’m dying for this sweater…

fall 2011

I’m still in love with the idea of carry on travel (especially because I strategically had to pack my suitcase in order to fit some clothes for Brad and some food/frying pan/tupperware)… Thank goodness everyone else has it on their mind too!  Here are Piperlime‘s ideas for lightweight travel…

I am constantly obsessed with the idea of what people look like when they are at the airport. I have an obsession with airports – people leaving, coming, going… where are they going? Why? Who are they seeing there? Have they been there before? Is it business? Vacation? Family emergency?

I don’t know what it is about travel, but people at airports seem to hold some sort of a secret… arrivers have the mystery of where they’ve been, departers have the mystery of where they’re going.

And, being the conceited person that I am, I always love looking at other people’s outfits/wonder what I look like or people imagine about me when they see me at the airport.

Luckily, I found Traveling Fashionista so I can stalk all those famous people who seem to manage to look incredibly chic whilst doing their arriving and departing.

I love this outfit because it’s awesome.

This is usually what my airport outfit looks like.

The blazer really makes a difference in her outfit.

They also had some cool articles on What to Wear on Airplanes, a 10 piece wardrobe (I’m a firm believer in not over-packing – I prefer to spend a week laying out my clothes and rearranging/editing so I don’t have more pieces than I need/will wear), Packing tips from Diane von Furstenberg.

Now to start laying out my clothes for Alaska! Countdown: 6 days!

I am kind of in love with this tank.

Unfortunately, my impatience/need for instant gratification/current bodily state is preventing me from getting it.

A moment of silence please.

I spend a ridiculous amount of time looking for a template that I actually like… It would probably be faster to just Polyvore without the template and/or make my own template… but something about finding a template and drag and dropping… I just love it.

moody forest


This quite possibly could be my favorite set: Emma Watson, Clarks, that sexy Rag & Bone sweater, Moleskine, more trees, and a JMW Turner painting?! Yes my friends, I think I’ve found what Heaven looks like.

Seriously, I’ve usurped all my free time. Between Polyvore and March Madness, it’s amazing that I have time to go to work. Or sleep. Or eat.

a treehouse

That’s my treehouse I want to sleep in during my Washington trip, and the bottom has huckleberries that I want to pick and eat.

Of course not! There’s a whole SLEW of new finds…

au natural

I’m dying for wildflowers, flowing dresses, and pretty paintings.


Happy St. P day.

Did you know that Polyvore has TEMPLATES?!

Oh yes, they do. And so, I quickly threw together my first templated Polyvore set…

fidgeting with templates - nick adams inspired


Spare time? Highly unlikely…

Remember how I’m obsessed with sleeping in a tent in Washington? And how apparently the word for what I’m craving is “spring”?!

a little bit moody

a little bit moody by horito featuring leather tote bags


Well, of course, that caused me to browse for some outfits… I went for more of a mood board than an outfit board, but it basically sums up how I feel…  I’m really loving hunter/olive green and navy right now.

At work, we recently got a new pair of Jessica Simpson shoes that mesmerized me – I literally wanted to stop working to just stare at them all day.

They’re just the basic Jessica pump, but it’s the COLOR that is amazing. It’s a pearlized nude that is a perfect ballet nude/pink/blush/cream combo with the tiniest shimmer to it. It reminds me of the shoe version of Stila’s Kitten (which is an amazing eyeshadow):

In addition to wanting to own these shoes, I also wanted to crash a prom in these shoes and a tutu ballerina inspired cupcake dress… similar to:

This awesome D&G skirt from Fall 2009.

This Junk Gypsies Pettiskirt (perhaps in a different color)

Betsey Johnson’s 68th Birthday Dress (perhaps in a different color as well)

In my mind’s eye, this dress is cream… because I have an odd obsession with cream/white dresses. Plus, the shoes would look KILLER with a cream or white dress.

Alternatively, I’d also like to dress up like this:

mmmm…. D&G Spring 2010… the girly ruffles and the western details…

Wicked Valentine's Day

Wicked Valentine’s Day by horito featuring zipper jeans

Inspired by ruby red slippers, the wicked witch of the east, and those socks I’m pining for.  I’m still coveting those Cake by Petunia Pickle Bottom bags.

This could very well end up being {one of} my V-Day Love outfit{s} – perfect for Chinese take-out and the NBA Slam Dunk contest.

Blackboard Valentine's Day

Blackboard Valentine’s Day by horito featuring shell tops

An outfit for those who are not so inclined to wear red or pink on V-Day Love. Not too saccharine sweet, but still dressed up. The shoes – PAYLESS!! I seriously love them. I like the pops of red, and you can never go wrong with a poppy from Emersonmade.

Inspired by Kate Spade (again) and spun into a preppy vibe.

Sweet and Warm Valentine's Day

Sweet and Warm Valentine’s Day by horito featuring lace up shoes


The inspiration for this outfit came from where I WISH I was spending V-Day: somewhere warm and sunny. Lots of flow and ease.

Alternatively, for those of us not in a tropical paradise, alternative shoe and bag options are on the right to adapt the outfit to our less appealing climates.

Rockstar Valentine's Day

Rockstar Valentine’s Day by horito featuring a snake necklace

This outfit springboard-ed from the Kate Spade styling in the corner. Then I added the sexiest tights in the world (and some red suede shoes like the ones they styled them with). Naturally, my giant red heart purse came into play, and the next thing I knew, I had created an outfit so paparazzi worthy that even the tabloids can’t contain its awesomeness.

Girly Valentine's Day

Girly Valentine’s Day by horito featuring stone jewelry

This first set features the dress I was drooling over. I thought of Kate Spade and Zooey Deschanel exploding together in a petri dish and this is what happened.

Love me some red tights and some white dress.

“Some [get] no further than accumulating these verbal snapshots. . . in the early, rough-draft stages, there are few things more pleasurable than bringing up a memory and transcribing it directly, like a wide-awake dream.” - Philip Lopate

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